Domesticated Minds New Album explores a wide dynamic range from ethereal ambience to brutal technical death metal


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Jan 27, 2024
Hey Metal lovers and psychonaughts exploring ethereal realms, 🎸🌑

Looking to explore the depths of mind, but worried about civilization collapse? 🔥🌍🔥

Enter " A Molochian Nightmare" which reaches into the otherwordly ambience at the edge of awareness
and get punched in the face with brutal technical deathmetal guitar shredding.
A Molochian Nightmare is a concept album exploring how the process of life, death and rebirth (Samsara) gets prevented due to the domestication of humanity.
So we just get sicker and suffer more until the inevitable collapse of civilization. Moloch is a monster that we all create in our every actions, like an arms race we keep finding ourselves doing things that create a world that no one wants to live in.

If you like Slice the Cake, Revocation, Archspire, Contortionist, Painted in Exile, L'Enfant De La Forest, You'll dig this album.
Post in the comments your favorite track.

This album has a huge dynamic range from blissful openness and builds to some of the most cathartic and expressive vocals and guitar. It is very experimental and questions many musical conventions.
This album was recorded while I wrote a book on socioeconomic system change that suggests new ways of being founded on Cognitive Science and Buddhist 8 Fold Nobel Path. In a way they both play with similar concepts and you can think of them as a pair. find more at

Reject being Domesticated 🧠 and stay metal! 🎸 🤘
Marcus from Domesticated Minds