Drug Addiction


Sep 16, 2001
Toronto , Canada
# 1 No this is not a job opportunity for lab rats

I have a friend who is starting to fuck his life up with Cocaine.

I have tried talking to him about it over and over...but he assures me he's not addicted to cocaine, he just likes the smell of it. quite the quandary I have here

I either start charging him for the dope (I have been giving it to him for free out of feeling guilty about making money from hooking out his girlfriend behind his back)

or get him hooked on smack (first ones always free kids!!)

Any help would be appreciated (no anti-drug tree hugger help needed thanks)

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EricT said:
... Or don't give him anything? You can't really help him if your giving him the shit.
Sooooo, I should start charging him for the Mx. or I could just start trading for his worldly possessions..either way this is really looking bright from my side!!!

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Disclaimer: Honest officer, these are hypothetical suggestions and any resemblance they may bear to real life situations are purly coincidental.

Don't deal to your friends, they know too much about you and besides, they're your friends. Cocaine can make people arrogant, aggressive and desperate. Coke addicts will show up on your doorstep offering you major appliances in extreme cases, and the arguments with a friend (who knows your washer/dryer works fine, but still doesn't understand why you're not delighted with the upgrade because they can't face that they now NEED the drug) over time will kill the friendship. Some of this is prolly redundant and you are probably already aware of how desperate a person can get and the stupid decisions, and you know some folks really can't handle it and blah blah blah. Truly, it will fuck up the friendship. Don't give it to him, don't charge him for it, tell him to get his own damn connections, yours are yours, and move on.

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Dead_Lioness said:
Keep giving him the dope for free, and keep giving him shit about it.

Damn Troy, for a minute there, you really scared me :lol:

Hahaa, I getting the feeling people think I'm serious

This Is a joke....maybe:lol:
and a bad one at that