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Jul 12, 2005
Hi there. I'm big fan of DT and tattoos also. So, i want to get my DT one :) But there's a trouble - i can't find any somehow good sketches of DT symbols nowhere! I mean those conventionalized 'T'; 'DT', 'Sun-Eye' from the Gallery album and so on.

Maybe someone can send me such drafts or give a link to it? Any help would be appreciated.

Also, if you had your vision of DT tattoo and not planning implement it under your skin - maybe you share it with me? :headbang:
fireangel said:
with every more answer of you that I read over the months & years, Dark Tranquillity become a nicer band to me :)

(but my next tattoo is being ornamental flower stuff once more though :loco: )
Perhaps Cabin Fever Media can do something about that. :)
Schwedentod said:
DT meeting last summer?!? Where and when? Photos?

july something, helsinki, during the tuska days. you can find plenty of funny pictures if you look for the old thr... oh, wait...

there is no search function on ultimatemetal.

Ehm, I can't see any picture in this thread, so I really can't confirm or deny my possible presence in such, but I do know that there were many good photos taken of me during those unforgettable days last year.

Anja: You've finally seen the light! :D

And concerning the topic of this thread, I think I have somewhere the old "D over T" logo, which I used for my DT-tattoo; if someone needs it and can't get it from Niklas for whatever reason, just ask me.

-Villain (who finally got a broadband-connection for his new home)
Hi there as well - long time no see! :wave:

fireangel said:
How is the new life?

Well, with one word: busy. But good. I'm working more than I have ever before, but this far I'm liking my job a lot. I'm having my new home (55 square meters flat at the center of Kajaani city) slowly decorated, with one piece of furniture at a time; the last purchase I made was a 37-inch widescreen plasma-television and high-quality home-theater equipment(!) - I just wonder when I'll have the time to actually watch any movies with it, there's plenty of unwatched anime-DVD's on my table right now...

I feel slightly bad for missing Ilosaarirock and DT last weekend - due to my work, of course. I had a couple of friends there and one of them actually recorded me a short clip of DT's performance, with horrible sound-quality. It was the next best thing to being there, though...

Talked with Jules on the phone a while ago, btw. We kind of agreed that I will go south and see one of their (P.O. or some other band of his) gigs sometime. But once again, I just don't know when I might have the time for that. :erk:

Anyways, hope to see you around - you do have my new email-address, don't you? In case you don't, it is (myfirstname.mylastname)@gmail.com - with my real name in the beginning, of course.

im just wondering how i get my tattoo on the website..

not sure what sort of quality/res/format you want the photo in.. but here are the links:

Small: http://www.dthq.net/album/tattoos/dtlogosmall.jpg

Large: http://www.dthq.net/album/tattoos/dtlogobig.jpg

if someone could add them to the DT website, thatd be great :)

sorry for hijacking the thread.. i just took a photo copy from the live damage dvd and took it to my tattooist to copy the design, and then added my flair with the colour.
take a base image and let your imagination run wild, and hope the tattooist can do it for you :)
Darktranq: Looks great! I especially like the colors - they make the whole tattoo stand out. I'm pretty sure Niklas will put it up on the site as soon as he notices your post.

I always thought it'd be crazy if someone took that insanely detailed t-shirt idea that used to be up on cabinfevermedia's site and got it tattooed on their back. Not that I'd ever do that.

(Fourth from left on top under sketches: http://www.cabinfevermedia.com/old/index.html)

My thoughts now are to (once I get some muscle again - and don't have to worry about parent's finding out :p) get the Mind's Eye on my arm, and the Sun-Eye on my shoulderblade.

Kovenant84 said:
I always thought it'd be crazy if someone took that insanely detailed poster idea that used to be up on cabinfevermedia's site and got it tattooed on their back. Not that I'd ever do that.

People have such ridiculous "images" tattooed smtimes that I wouldn't even bother scratching paper with that, needles to mention getting any permanent marks.

After all - that isn't that crazy... which 1 are you talking about, btw? :loco: