Dungeon Rocks Brisbane!

No shit - every time we plan something it falls through!! :mad:

You guys have no idea how badly we want to come up and play but being so close to the album recording, we have to be extremely careful how we spend our cash, so unless something is gonna guarantee we won't go broke (like all of the gigs that have fallen through so far would have), we can't do it! Grrrr!

We're currently taking to our pals in Astriaal about getting something happening soon - I'll keep you guys posted...!
I'll be the guy in the shit happens shirt, ripped jeans, gaff-taped up sneakers with an odd shaped bit of painted wood hung around my neck on a raised area of the venue... You can't miss me! HAHAHAHAHA!

Man, I hope this trip happens soon - I can't wait to hang out with all of you guys and girls! :)
Slave Of Love... hmmm is that a glam song?? If so, PLEASE play it in Melbourne on the 31th August!!! HAHA! I love cheesy glam!!! :)
Yep, very Dokken / Firehouse sounding! Pretty cool for what it is but definitely doesn't work with anything we're doing now!

Drop by the Dungeon site, go to SAMPLES -> DEMOLITION and you can hear a bit of it...

And the chance of us playing it in Melbourne next? I dunno if I feel hell getting any colder right now... HAHAHAHAHA!