Dwell In Darkness Needs Your Help - Read!


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Jul 26, 2003
New York, NY
ATTENTION! Dwell In Darkness needs your help:

Since most of the promoters of the Dwell In Darkness festival are from SMNnews ( a la myself :p), and since only siN (head promoter) lives in the immediate area (southern Cal, not even Az), we are looking for some people who might like to help out with the fest. Basically this would be to give out *a lot* of flyers at upcoming local and big Arizona metal shows(AON2 just past, but Slayer and other tours are coming), and to spread the word through local radio, friends, forums, etc. Flyers to me would be most important.

If you live in the Arizona(mostly phoenix, but anywhere close is fine) area, and would like to help out, please contact me or siN at:

Me. AIM: Jaded Enmity, email: macslasher@hotmail.com
siN. AIM: immortals1n, email: sasrecon@yahoo.com

People who help out can/will get free stuff such as free passes, VIP/backstage passes, shirts, cds, etc, but we need you :).


-Slasher of www.SMNnews.com
Aidan already sent me some flyers he said, so I should get them today(Thurs.) or maybe Tomorrow.
I'm pretty good about flyering for shows.
I went to the Nile show Just To flyer(for Devin T.)
So I'm certianly helpin' as much as possible.

Plus I've made some of my own a while ago.
Of course some bands have dropped & the venues different, but I'll just replace the old ones w/ the New ones whenever I get them.
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