Earache Uploads "Skull" to YouTube

There is no way Words of the Dead isn't about Evil Dead. No way.

"Temptation led me down
I found the pages cold
Aloud I read the words
Summoning spirits old

I read the blood scrolls
Time has left behind
I wanted to bring them back
But to consequence I’m blind

Speak the words of the dead
Speak with me
Words of the dead...


Summoned from the bound writings
Summoned awaken from slumber
Join us like others before you
Join us one by one we will take you"

That's pretty convincing, actually... :eek:
I was giving it a listen today whilst wallowing in self-pity and sneezing/coughing/puking/passing out everywhere. It's become an album that operates spendidly as an exhibition as to how you should (and shouldn't) write no thrills thrash metal nowadays. Music is like game design to an extent, or even a standard storyboard in the way it should be put together and delivered to the consumer and Skull seems to have great examples of both things that really don't work with this sort of music and what works really, really fucking well in terms of the way things are arranged. You can take the songs apart and lay out the individual sections like pieces of a jigsaw, then... well, to repeat myself, you can point to what works well together and which pieces should be thrown away. That said, maybe I'm just fucking autistic or something :lol:

Still struggling to get into it fully though :(
I finally got my copy!! And I'm very glad to say that I disagree with those who don't like it very much. I absolutely love it, can't stop listening to it. Tomb might be the best song Evile has ever created, the MUST make a music video out of it. The riffs in the song Skull are amazing, I can see them headbanging hard while playing the riff after the line "Skull awaits your soul". It was worth the wait for it to get to Mexico, unfortunately I don't have the "Sinister Call" track. Very happy with this release.
I still think the album is very good but differs very much from the stuff Evile released before. There are really songs that I like like the title track, Underworld, Tomb and the Naked Sun but I don't know.. I believe I just have to listen to that album more intense to come to a final conclusion. I think I miss the diversity from the last album the most.