English, do they all understand?


aeternus eternus
Dec 24, 2001
I was sitting at work thinking about the Columbus (after I found this bookmark in my favorites) show last fall and I am remembering that the Martins' barely understood what I was saying to them in English. It makes me wonder how much of what Mikael writes they understand.
I know Peter is a decent English speaker, but what about the Martins'.

Although some bands like vintersorg can translate Scandinavian lyrics well to a western crowed, why hasn’t Opeth?
Sometimes you can understand a foreign language very well, but you cannot respond in that language as well as your native one. Sounds strange, but they might understand what you said, but they don't know how to answer your questions properly.

As for them not understanding the lyrics, all they have to say is "What does this mean?" to Mikael and he would explain what those english words mean.
I talked to the Martins too....they understand English just fine, it seems.
And I talk to Lopez online....no problems there either..
REALLY? Hmmm...o_O neat!!! Thou art worthy! :D

Seems to me they can understand English...i know Mikael can speak it better than some English speaking people ive heard...Ive never talked to them so i really wouldnt know but most Swedes can understand and speak English rather well...
I didn’t mean I had a intimate conversation with them, nor did i mean that I I spoke a perfect english, lol, I just briefly spoke to them and it seemed ever so often that the martins would look at Mikael when I said kind of obscure English word. (For instance eclectic). (when I asked if they thought of them selves as eclectic)
I appreciate How much they do know of English, that’s why I asked.
I guess my question was do you think that all the band understands everything that Mikael writes?
I wrote a paper last semester on Sweden's economy and business practices and from what I picked up, damn near all of them speak English and speak it well. It's taught beginning in the third grade I think? May be wrong on that. The Swedes are with the times and I don't think a lot of people realize that. They are just as, if not more advanced technologically than the US. Country may be small, but it has a lot going for it.