For those who went to Worcester


Under The Dark Moon
May 1, 2001
Back in the Hellhole called Texas.
Awesome show, eh? I was a little suprised to see that with a lot more Opeth fans there than the Metal Fest, that the crowd didn't seem to get much into it. Mikael was practically begging for us to "go insane" for the faster songs. But it's true, at concerts you feed off of other people, and if nobody is getting into it (outwardly anyway) then it makes it hard for yourself to. I'm not big with the whole moshing thing, but Opeth has many good moments in songs to go a little nuts to, at least with head movements, arms-in-the-air, jumping type stuff. My guess is that many people were there for Nevermore. I'm sure the Opeth headlining tour will produce more crowd activity.

I was able to talk with Mikael, Peter and the Martins and had some photos taken (I'll maybe post one or two later, if it's possible). It was really awesome. It was cool to see and be around so many Opeth fans! Finally people who could say things about Opeth and I'd know exactly how they feel and what they mean. I just wish I weren't shy because there were quite a few people I could have probably connected with. Maybe some of you who were there saw me. I know I was standing with two guys and talking to Martin close to the side entrance and one was having them sign his cigarette box, which I found amusing. Um...if someone pulled you aside and asked you to take a pic, it was possibly me. :D Oh, there were a group of people on the train from Boston that I was sitting right next to (at about 5:30PM or so) and I got on at Framingham. That was me if you are reading this.

Anyone, feel free to send an e-mail, especially if you were at the Worcester show. I don't care if you're 14 or 40, I'm not closed-minded like that. It'd be cool to know more Opeth fans. I'll add my ICQ number, I just need to find out what it is, and possibly an AIM screen name.

Again, it was a great show. Looking forward to their next tour.
I got to meet Martin Lopez at the Syracuse show. I just shook his hand, thanked them for coming, and told him I saw them in Toronto as well. He seemed surprised that I traveled the distance. It was well worth it! Opeth rules and I hope to see them next tour!

i think most people like myself don't want to "mosh" to opeth because they would rather watch what they are playing and feel it on another level. i would rather check out the great musicianship rather than just waiting for the heavy part.
Hey I was at the show too... I was probably around you at some point as I saw the guy getting his cigarette box signed as well. I had on an obituary shirt and a maiden hat. The show was really good all around, I liked all of the bands. Opeth does not put on the best show in the world, but their music is so good that it is not such a big problem. I was on a commuter rail train from boston to there as well. How did you get back to framingham? I just walked around worcester aimlessly all night after I left talking to the bands and stuff around 3:30 trying to find somewhere to rest and shit. There wasnt a train to come back til 9:30 am. oh was worth it.

about the moshing, yeah it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to do it for opeth, but some people were doing it anyway. i dont think its really necessary
Hey, were you with two other guys on the train at around 5:30PM or so? It's likely there were plenty of others on the train in different cars, but hey, it's worth a shot.

(added later):
Hmm...I just remembered that most of them had on Opeth shirts from Metal Fest, so you likely weren't next to me on the train.