Opeth at the Worcester Palladium


Apr 30, 2001
Nashua, NH USA
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I had the sincere priviledge of seeing Opeth this friday night at the Worcester Palladium in Worcester, MA. There were 5 bands at the show, but by far, Opeth stole the show. They are an absolutely amazing band. I was blown away by Michael's technical prowess. He plays most of the leads and technical parts and still manages to sing effortlessly. I just wish that they would headline someday and play a longer set. They deserve it. It would be amazing to see a show with just Opeth playing for a long time. I'm a guitarist and I was very interested in the equipment being used. From what I could tell, this is what I saw: Michael was using his black PRS which sounded great (It cut like a knife). To my amazement, he was using a Boss GT3 guitar processor and would switch between the distorted and clean sounds(including acoustic parts) using that. Also, he used the GT3 as a volume pedal. As far as amplification, I could not tell if he was using Nevermore's setup or not. He was either going through the PA or using a Marshall (JCM800?) head with a Mesa Boogie cab. That is what I saw on stage but I'm not sure if he was going through that. As for Peter, he played his white Jackson most of the night except for Demon of the Fall when he used his black Gibson Les Paul Custom. I could not see what Peter was using for floor effects or amplification (again, he might have been using Nevermore's amps which were Mesa Boogies). I was planted right in front of Michael the whole time. I would have liked to see some acoustic and classical guitars used but given the situation, I could completely understand why they did not use them (short set and technical difficulties switching from acoustic to electric quickly). I was pretty amazed at how good Michael sounded going through that Boss GT3. Finally, before the show, I decided to take a walk through the Mall in downtown Worcester and right when I went in the front door, I saw Peter Lindgren walking out. I was amazed! I can't believe how tall he is. Anyway, here is the set list that they played:

The Leper Affinity
White Cluster
The Drapery Falls
Demon of the Fall

If you go to see this tour, it is worth it just to see Opeth (as brief as it is). I did not care too much for the other bands except for Nevermore. They were pretty good but Opeth ruled!

P.S. - By the way, if anyone else knows or observes what other equipment Opeth are playing on this tour, let me know. Thanks.

Setlist when I saw them for support of Blackwater Park. They only had an hour, due to 4 bands before them, and Nevermore headlined this particular show.
White Cluster
The Drapery Falls
The Twilight Is My Robe
Demon of the Fall
The whole band was sitting around hours before the show, and my best friend and I talked to all of them for quite awhile.
They played Advent the 1st time I saw them. It was awesome.
More recently Under the Weeping Moon was even better.
The old shit sounds great live !!
Correction...It was Forest of October they played, not Twilight Is My Robe. Mikeal responded to a fan that yelled "Twilight", by playing a few seconds of Twilight, before going into Advent.