Opeth @ Worcester Palladium

My only complaint about the sound (for all bands) was that the high notes got really distorted and were hard to make out. They sounded overly electronic. But the performance was still brilliant, an awesome show.
Cool vids, thanks!:)

At any rate, I was at the bar across the street during Nachtmystium. No real desire to see them. Walked in during High On Fire, who sounded like a pile of shit:zombie:! I can't believe Opeth would even have those guys in the line-up. They were horrible.

Opeth was absolutely fan-fucking-tabulous, as I've already stated. Can't wait to see them again...hopefully not in Worcester, though.:Smug:
I was sitting on the wall dead center behind the floor.

Overall, I'd say the sound quality was one or the worst I'd heard at the Palladium. I've seen Opeth 8 times now, and I would say this sound was the worst of the 8. I found it difficult to pick out the melody, and I know all of the songs they played so it should have been easy. The mosh pit was crazy - something i would never do.

Nachtmystium - I had never heard of them before. Pretty basic stuff, although I thought the last song they played was excellent.

High On Fire - good energy for a 3 piece band. I only previously knew the song Devolution, and they kicked ass playing it live.

Opeth - aside from what I considered poor sound quality, they were excellent as usual. Heir Apparent is tied for my all time favorite song (by any band) along with Ghost of Perdition (wish they played it) and The Drapery Falls. Their set list was an interesting mix. Mikael interacts great with the crowd, and they are just plain solid on stage. After 8 times, I still can only say that I think they should play The Funeral Portrait - it will probably so down as the one song I always wanted to but will never hear live.
Nice to see you here, MetalMan! Weird, I though the sound was much better than past times I've seen them. Great setlist, and was thrilled beyond belief that they played SPD.
those vids were great.

First time seeing Opeth and I was floored by their performance. I only have a couple albums so I am not famaliar with all their material. They were tight and that was easily the best sounding show I have ever seen at the Palladium.
I didn't think a band could sound that good at that venue. I even took my earplugs out since they weren't necessary (although my ears were still ringing on Sunday, I did regret it a bit)

I was up by the bar wearing a testament shirt.
I was planning on getting another video for whatever the third song was going to be, but as soon as Mikael said "Serenity Painted Death", I knew there'd be NO WAY I could stay still and keep quiet for it :D
incredibly stunning blonde girl.

Yeah she was !

Seemed to be a big difference in volume when Opeth hit the stage. Definitely not as loud as the other bands. During Opeth, I was on the floor, in front of the bar & up in the balcony & found the sound to be decent in all areas. They sounded good for Worcester.

Hope Leaves was the highlight for me. Mikael even remembered the gig at Berklee. The new arrangement was nice. Freddie added a nice solo at the end. TNATSW was also great. Songs from Orchid & Morningrise always sound great live.

The pit was fucking crazy & became annoying. A lot of punching. No need for that stupid shit. Saw a busted nose, bloody eye, bloody temple, a concussion, a girl punched in the face, WTF ! Back in the day I use to love moshing, but never dealt with that kind of shit. Worst of all someone slammed in to me & spilled most of my beer. Luckily the bar had more :p

Mike said next time, they'll play more Watershed songs. Sounds good to me !
haha, how did you know who she was? she goes to a school near me, i go to berklee. i was excited when he mentioned berklee haha.
best opeth show i've been to, and i've seen them 5 times. there are some awesome pictures on returntothepit.

im the one on the right on the bar, withe the brown jacket next to the blonde girl. right in front of akerfeldt.
^ Did you leave early to catch the train ??

Opeth didn't finish until 11:45
set was very good...

sound, meh... i was bummed not be able to make out what per was doing most of the time... on the keys, that is, his vocals were clear and sounded great. as usual.

the end of NatSW was unreal. good. stuff.

post show mayhem... nachmystium, aka, "cockmystium" did cause some trouble...

alas, opeth emerged late and went onto the bus right away...


looks like some people caught them before the show, however...


Anyone manage to get any more videos/pictures? I know I was right in front of some guy who was recording stuff right before he was caught.

It's such crap that the Palladium doesn't allow cameras.