my return to the palladium..opeth fans hardcore dance??

Spaxx said:
lol, so hardcore dancing is basically just a bunch of girly-lookin' dudes jumping around doing bad Bruce Lee impersonations? How is that "hardcore?"

It gets hardcore when they start throwing off punches everywhere as fast as they can and then when they add kicks to that, you don't want to stay in front of them. That's why metalheads who are into "normal moshing" don't like hardcore kids in a moshpit.
"wow everyone just needs to gang up on those hardcore dancing kids and beat the shit out of them to make them stop."

i agree to that statement. they make shows less fun. the trend that they are wearing out is showing up everywhere. for bands like slayer, arch enemy, and the haunted, etc. ive seen dancing while seeing those bands when clearly those bands are not about wearing tight pants and having pretty hair.