Opeth @ Worcester Palladium

I'm in one of the Nachtmystium shots, me and my friend. We're both just like "uhh... bring on the Opeth =_="

I was too buried during Opeth to be seen in any of the pics rofl.
I was at the bar across the street during Nachtmystium:p! As I've said, Opeth's management really needs to rethink their opening band strategy!:mad:
Any idea what time Opeth have been taking the stage at recent shows??

If someone has some info on this i'd appreciate it...really don't plan
on sitting through hour/hour 1/2 of High on Fire:erk::erk:
^ Did you leave early to catch the train ??
Yes, I just left right after Demon of the Fall to be safe.

post show mayhem... nachmystium, aka, "cockmystium" did cause some trouble...

Care to elaborate? I noticed their bassist/another band member talking to a few girls in the back as I was walking out. I'm interested to hear about what happened, if you happen to know.
Everything perfectly lined up for me to miss this show. Having to work late, having next to no cash on me, and misplacing my ticket.

Glad it was good... sounds like they really had their act together by the vids.

Next time!!
We'll see if it pops up on dime some day. The Worcester shows never seem to get recorded. Although I can understand recording it would probably lead to a much less enjoyable show.