What gear was used for the recording of Blackwater Park?


Apr 30, 2001
Nashua, NH USA
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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knows what equipment was used on the recording of Blackwater park. Opeth's official website lists the equipment used on all their previous albums but not for Blackwater park. Does anyone know if Michael and Peter were using Peavey 5150s on this record or were they using their new Laney Amps? Also, is the record recorded with using PRS guitars or the Gibson Les Pauls and Jacksons? Finally, what effects were used? I know Michael uses a Boss GT3 multieffects processor live but I was wondering what was used on the album. I really love the guitar tone on this album and would like to understand how Michael and Peter achieved this. Thanks!
I've been wondering the same thing for a while. When I saw them live, Mike was using a 5150 and a PRS CE 24. Peter was using a Les Paul, but I don't remember his amp.
They are using Laney Amps now because they are endorsed by Laney now but I'm not sure if they actually used Laneys during the recording of Blackwater Park. That's what I'm trying to find out because the recording may have taken place before they started using the Laneys. I know that now, Peter uses the Laney VH100R head and Michael uses the GH100L head. I think it is really cool that they listed all of the equipment up on their website that they used for the recording on all their albums but it is kind of strange that all their albums except for Blackwater Park (which is their most successful album to date by the way) is not up there.