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May 4, 2001
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Greetings everyone.
In a few weeks I will be going to Madrid, Barcelona, Paris and Amsterdam (respectively). If anyone knows of clubs that I could go to, tours that are going on, or anything else cool that I should check out, please email me at

Thanks \m/
hmm, in Paris, i have idea of which bands will play there ...
except Anathema the december 8th
if you are in Paris the november 30th, you will have the choice between Devin Townsend, in a small venue (there is probably no places left) or a concert of 4 french gothic metal bands who should release soon their albums (i'll be there, a friend of mine will play)

the only good club in Paris is La Locomotive (btw, it's where Opeth played last week) ...
you can check their site if you want to see which bands will play there (only metal or gothic)

but i think if you wanted to see gigs in Paris, you are too late ...
in the last 5 weeks, we had
Lacrimas Profundere + My Insanity + ACWL, Opeth + Katatonia + Novembre, Tristania + Rotting Christ + Vintersorg + Madder Mortem, h.i.m. (beuark, i went only for Oomph! who was supporting them), Rammstein (i like circus :p) + Clawfinger, Fear Factory + Devin Townsend, Cannibale Corpse + Kreator, and a lot of Power metal (Sonata Arctica, Edguy, Gamma Ray, Heavenly ...)

i don't think there will be many gigs until the spring now ...
Paris is a nice city, some metal, cheap CD (from mailorder), sme place to hang out (Katabar...), a lot of metal night...

You can hang out in the Pere Lachaise (especially if you are a fan of Jim Morisson), lot of nice place to visit (outside of the big ones, like The Effel Tower, or The Louvre).
Travelling, there’s nothing like travelling between two destinations. When you sit on a train ore a bus and no one know whom you are ore where you are. And you can get off that train whenever you feel like it, just because the station building looks sweet ore because that’s where that funny looking old man that smiled to you whit his crooked smile is getting off.

This reply has nothing to do whit shows ore tours ore music at all, just the cities your visiting.

I’ve never been to Madrid but if you’re into tattoos, “tribal” tattoos, I know this studio called Moó Tatau in Madrid. They have the nicest tribal patters I’ve ever seen.

Barcelona,” the great enchantress”, a beautiful and funny city. If you’re the slightest bit interested in art and architecture you’ll bee stunned. Don’t forget the Dali museum in Figueres, just outside Barcelona. If you have the time, the Pyrenees and Galicia are areas definitely worth visiting.

Paris, there’s so much to see and do in Paris, it’s such a bit city. Guess people on this board living there (lucky bastards) will tell you about it. I’m not sure if this occurs at wintertime, but by the riverbanks of Seine, just by Jardain des plants, there’s people dancing on small “quays”, one for salsa, one for tango, one for capoeira…excellent entertainment free of charge. There’s loads of cheap hotels around the Bastille, ore just by l’Opera theres a huge 5 floored underground parking lot where you can sleep. Wouldn’t recommend it thoé, they play soundtracks to horror movies all night long.

Amsterdam is Amsterdam, poof poof, Bee careful in the red light district at night-time if you are alone, don’t go to any peep-shows ore sex-shows it’s not worth the hassle you’ll get.
Have a great time, don’t forget too stop by in Stockholm sometime on you next trip to Europe, it’s really a nice city worth visiting
Originally posted by Eclipse
i recommend you doing it a bit more elaborate, and not focussing on the major touristic cities, cause you miss out the basic idea on Europe. If you ask me though.

Yeah I know....but I only have 3 weeks so it's going to be a bit of a whirlwind tour. And I'm going to those big cities for the museums....did you know that the Prado has the largest collection of paintings by Hieronymus Bosch?! He's one of my favorite artists (along with Frida Kahlo and Mark Ryden). Anyway...I figured a lot of the smaller cities and towns would be kind of closed down because of the winter and this is my first time going to another country and I'm travelling by myself and don't speak any other language than standard American English.... (I know...excuses, excuses.) Next time I go out there I want to check out other places (and hopefully I'll have a friend to go with me).

Saga: I may stop in Stockholm if I can meet up with my friend who lives there. He may be out of town at that time though....Next time for sure!!!
cheers to you for going by yourself!

i understand you have specific museums you want to see, but i've always preferred to stay away from the tourist traps. if i wanted to hang out with americans, i'd stay home! :tickled: museums are one thing, but don't waste your time going to the eiffel tower, etc. my favorite thing to do when travelling in another city is to get on the subway or bus and just get out randomly. i've discovered so many lovely neighborhoods this way that i'm sure no other tourist would experience. i find it so much more meaningful and special to be able to picture how natives actually live, rather than the sights you can turn on a TV to see.