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Jan 9, 2002
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Greetings all....just wondering if anyone out there has heard about a tour by opeth to Australia in Feb. 2002.....i know..sounds odd..but a good friend told me this and has got me very excited!!!..if any one knows anything..please let me know!
i think they were originally gonna tour late last year, november i think it was... but then they went on that tour to wherever it was with whoever the other band was (i forget!) and australia got postponed and it was said that it'd probably happen around feb this year, but i wouldnt hold your breathe, they might come but i dont know if theres any real solid plans yet.
thanks YaYoGakk and sullen Jester for your replies......i won't hold my breath on opeth coming to australia...as i have heard these rumors a few times now...and seem to always be let down with reality......but there is always hope
Originally posted by Kushantaiidan
Can someone please explain why they aren't in my house right now?

I wonder if they'd enjoy a LAN party?

Do they play CS or starcraft?

They'd have deep voices..

I don't know why, but this brings a conversation with Orchid or Hearse (one of them) to mind..

Being an impressive rockstar, thus being elevated above us, we'd never assume that Mikael is "that guy who was kicking our arses in CS last week".. and the phrase least expected to be omitted from his room:

"Freaking bot! AWP never misses! $#!+"
I've been holding my breath since they said it'd be postponed till early next (this) year, and to keep an eye on the news section at opeth.com for updates. This is probably why the screen goes blurry every now and again, and then I wake up on front of the computer and realie I've passed out (again).

P.S. I have since learned to breath through my skin, like insects, while constantly refreshing the opeth.com site...... and hoping.
They had BETTER come to brisbane and play Festival Hall while it's still standing.

I'll be pissed off if they only play Sydney and Melbourne....
They'll probably do the "Australian tour" which is playing in every state capital once, with the exception of Sydney which they would do twice. Too many bands do that. There ARE better places than the capitals
I can see them playing one (or more) small shows in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Maybe Adelaide. Don't know about Perth, the only bands to really go to Perth are of Slipknot status (sorry to use that word here). Airfares are cheap for anyone who misses out.
I hope they are coming, anyway!