Lets Get Opeth To Australia

Curbstone said - the Darwin guy who got you into Opeth wasn't Michael lee by any chance. That's a friend of mine from darwin who I got inot Opeth years ago.

Curbstone. Your spot on. I'm talking about Michael Lee. What the fuck!!. Do you still see him? I haven't seen him in years. Send me his contact details if you've got them.

Fuck me its a small country!!! this is great...
Hahaha ahhh the Chalice chickies. That's pretty much the reason why half the guys I know would bother to go, well, that and for the other bands I guess. Should be a bloody fun night. You bringing anyone along? I have no distinguishing features that would tell me apart from any of the Brisbane metal horde, umm I might be wearing my Opeth shirt if it ain't too hot. If you see a guy there with tattooed eyebrows and a group of people amongst them, that'll be us. I'll probably be the only girl amongst those bitches, feel free to say hello if you're feeling drunk and/or sociable. We're a friendly lot. Oh and by the way Brisbane people if you have mIRC, get your arses into #brisbane-metal on Dalnet. Cheers :D
Kem - not sure if I'm bringing anyone along...I'm working so Ill have to rock up after work about 9 or so and see what happens. Hopefully I'll run into some friends there....I'm not sure what I'll be wearing....but it won't be metal gear so I'll prolly look outta place. Maybe a My Arms Your Hearse shirt but I reckon it will be too hot. Anyway I'll keep an eye out for you....

Cutter - yep it is a small world and Darwin's even fucking smaller! check your email for Mick's contact....


Paul D
Icarus - haha...no it wasn't me...got mine direct from modern Invasion in melbourne.... I have a Morningrise shirt too but its so shit it can't be worn....The material is like tissue paper and it just tears. Pretty annoying.

My friend got a Still Life shirt from somewhere recently. maybe Rocking Horse. Also you can get Opeth shirts from


I think they have Blackwater Park too....



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Oops, that post from Icarus was actually from me. I really should check that I log out of my brother's thingo before I write replies. Sounds like something he'd say anyway :)
yeah Paul, I was in the same group as Joe and Morgan.... Morgan's actually a good bud of mine.....
I actually know you from a while back too.... I was the guy who was going to try and get that copy of the milwaulkie metalfest video sent out.... and was going to send you a copy..... never happened..... but I have some great video bootlegs on divx that I got off the web..... awesome stuff...

No :(
They arranged to meet one night and they missed each other. Oh well. I've just ICQ'd a bootleg site to my lad, hopefully he's feeling generous and will download some :)
Moose - yeah I thought it was you. I originally started off that post with 'i think I know you"...hehe...you are in Enter Twilight right?? How's the band travelling??

Kem - ok ... makes sense...i figured the number of brisbane people in here there had to be some kind of sibling/group of friends thing going on....:)...might see you at the show!



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Hi Guys,

I do not mean to be rude but I started this thread for one reason and one reason only - and that is to express your individual desire to get Opeth to Australia so I can show the band and their booking agency etc that we DO want them to come here.

However - I have noticed that the pages just seem to be filling up with personal notes which have no relavence here. If you want to talk about other Opeth related stuff them please note there are plenty of other threads you can add your personal comments to or maybe even start your own thread.

As I said - I don't mean to come across as an arsehole - but how does it look if I tell the band to check this thread out and they have to wade through all this other crap?

Well apart from being mindless chit-chat, at least we're showing Opeth there's metal people out there in Australia who are enthusiastic about going out to gigs and supporting the metal scene! Topics often wander off, but at least this way your thread is staying up there so they might actually get a chance to see it, read it and think hey, there are lots of people in Australia who like metal :)

Opeth, come tour down under. I'd otherwise leave my name and contact details but I'm just not in the habit of posting my name all over the net. :)
You have legions of loyal fans down here!

Your visiting Japan over Australia?! Got why do metal bands always do that. To Crestfallen Records, get the admins to delete all the posts that arent requesting Opeth to visit us.

Get you arse to Australia, Sydney. Please.

Funny I had the same idea a while ago I just haven't had the time and would have a fuckin clue how to.
Trapped, I haven't got a fanny but I'd like for you to make me a cool avatar

sure thing... what do you want?

Now we have to get that Trapped boy out of his shell and to come along...

What... what what!? A party at your place... six oclock you say? Cool, i'll get EVERYONE i know to come! :D

Seriously... Opeth... come to australia... please? Depending on who else is playing with you, i might even fly to sydney to see you guys... In all seriousness, hook up with Dreadnaught or Alchemist... :)

I e-mailed Mikael and Peter (or what I HOPE is his e-mail :D) and no reply from either of the bastards!!! :D