Lets Get Opeth To Australia

Greetings one and all,

Well, just being in here the last few days, it seems there is indeed an overwhelming response to get Opeth to Australia.

So I have decided that we should petition to get the band to Australia. I know this has been tried before but lets try, try again.

Just looking at how many threads (and responses) there are to Opeth, it seems that there is enough people to get the band to tour here.

So please reply to this thread by leaving your name, your city (or state) and say that you would like Opeth to come to Australia.

Once we have got enough people interested I will personall approach Music For Nation (their label), Motor (their booking agency) and several Australian promoters.

Crestfallen Australia
Why would they go to those dismal places when they could come to Taiwan?
They whole country worships Opeth.
I'm not just saying that so they'd come here either.

i'm from sydney, so come here. i would travel to like melbourne if they only went there, but that'd be a bit of an insult if they went there & not sydney.

i know a couple of people who'd go, there so has to be enough ppl for a tour here. & while your at it, convince them to move that wacken open air thing here too.
Hi Bleed For Me,

In response to your comment - it is easier enough to email the artist, in this case Opeth, but unfortunately this is not usually valid. I interview so many bands, usually big names as well, and they all say the same thing - that they would like to come to Australia.

But unfortunatley because of many circumstances it is not feasible for them to get our here, and normallly it comes down to money. At the moment the Australian dollar is very low, it cost a lot in air fares because we are on the other side of the world - and normally this also includes the crew, sometimes up to an extra six people beside the band. Then there is the fact that most of the time bands will normally on come to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne,if they DO come. So basically it is up to the (a) promoter to see if it is worth their while to bring a band out to Australia. If they think that it is going to cost them money then of course they are not going to bother.

So yeah, we could email Mike and I bet he certainly DOES want to come out here like most bands, and Mike can tell this to his booking agent and label but usually this is enough - they are not going to organise for him to come to Australia - its going to be a promoter. Which is why I have started this thread. If the promoter sees that enough people DO want Opeth to come to Australia to make it worth their while then we have a fighting chance.

I was under the impression that only bands with followings the size of Korn's were able to choose their tour destinations. I thought it was all up to the label.
Band touring and labels are normally seperate however in metal a lot of labels do like to help bands with touring. If the band tour then of course they benifit because it opens the band up to more people who might not know about them and therefore they are going to sell more units (CDs).

But in reality - as I said - they are seperate. Most bands have an actual booking company to organise gigs for the band ie in this case Motor for Opteth. Two of the larger ones in Europe are Continental and All Access. hey organise the gigs and what countires their bands will tour (even though of course the band will have some say in this - but then again if I were in a band and into touring I would not hesitate to travel most parts of the world) and then they take their cut from the fees the band gets from the promotors.
So yeah, its not usually down to the band or booking agency but wether a promoter for a particular country is interested in bringing the band to their country.
This is Adam saying that I, as I believe many others would, would appreciate Opeth making it to Australia, but only if it's reasonably economically viable to them. I would dislike for others to miss out maybe on a new album or some such thing because Opeth spent all their money on one location. If they do come, I'm sure many would sell their firstborns to get to the gigs :)
Opeth mates, i'll take ya's out for a beer or two, crack open some crownies, go terrorize some crocodiles and kanga's, an' have a fuckin' great time mate. :D