Fair Trial?


Sep 7, 2001
Let us assume that Bin Ladin is the "mastermind" of the attacks in the United States. And let us assume he would be tried in the United States. Would/Could it be at all possible for him to get a fair trial? (Barring there weren't multiple attempts on his life during the trial or the government didn't dispose of him such as they did with Lee Harvey Oswald) I think Bin Laden or whoever is behind the attacks would get a trial but it would be over before it started. Now, how would you like to be the lawyer who has to defend Bin Laden or whoever is responsible? If and whoever that lawyer ends up being I would not like to be him. Funny thing is, what more patriotic thing can you do than defend someone who killed thousands of your countrymen?
Yea well if he gets a fair trial he'll be charge for murder of over 6,000 people and like 40 billion in damages, plus all the other bombings/killings like the two in africa in '98
It doesn't really matter if he gets a fair trial or not, because the things we KNOW he's responsible for are enough to have him sentenced to death anyway.

Here's another question:
Would you prefer he was brought to trial, or just killed on sight? The knee-jerk reaction is to say to kill him, but I heard some news anchor saying that bringing him to trial and shedding light on all of his murdering would maybe make people think twice before turning him into a martyr. Maybe. But then again, he's a martyr to them BECAUSE he murders, so I'm not sure I buy that.
a bit irrelevant and somehow relevant to the subject........

I don't support death penalty and killings....

When it comes to politic matters,wars etc there are so many things going on behing the scenes,things we-the common people-aren't not even aware of....
So it would be better to shut up and be a bit more suspicious instead of jumping to conclusions like "kill him or the other" etc....

I am by no means supporting what happend on 11/9
i have never support any criminal actions in my life.
What i'm tying to say is that it's not only terrorists who deserve a harsh punishment......there is also other people who somehow "manipulate" the common people.....

There is not just two opposite poles,the "good ones" and the "bad ones".... there is also something between....

Oh........ no one will understand what i'm trying to say....anyway...

I just wish to see a fair outcome of this issue.....punishment for those who deserve it and not a mass-war-hysteria towards innocent people...... :(
Oh, I completely agree, Melancholia. That wasn't what I meant. I've said on other posts both of what you're saying: I'm against the death penalty AND I've pondered how to deal with only bin Laden's supporters and not just every Muslim Middle Easterner.

But while I am against the death penalty, we all know that's how bin Laden will be punished. So should it be BEFORE or AFTER a trial? That's all.
that's why i said my post is a bit irrelevant to the subject ;)

anyway i think a trial is necessary....and sufficient proof is also required......
also necessary is punishment for those who helped the terrorists in any way... still unknown....

this soooooo complicated.....

ah,it's a fucked up world..... *sigh*
Anyone see the story behind how Hitler's life really ended? What a twist. Sort of bullshit too because they started the show off with the title, "What really happened to Hitler." and then at the end of the show, I still didn't know what happened to him...really.

ANYHOO, if it was up to me and I had the bastard cornered, I shoot him dead. Instant self-gratification. In the world today, I don't think it's the right thing to do, but it's what A LOT of people want. And I'm one of them. There are consequences for everything in life, and some a greater than others.


"And so you left us."
I find it interesting that everyone assumes he'll be caught, or at least in the public eye. Has anyone heard the story of the Chechnyan Islamic rebel leader that was captured by the Russians? Rumor has it that he was mailed back to his people, in several little boxes. Don't be surprised if Bin Laden is dealt with under the radar, assuming if he's caught at all.
Yeah, I thought that, but with nearly every nation in the world after him surely he can't escape? It make people content, and happier with the outcome if he was publicly caught and put to trial, so I think if they caught him they would make a deal out of it. People would feel justice had been done
I don't know if this has made the news in other countries, but it turns out that Clinton OK'ed the capture and killing of bin Laden after the African embassy bombings, but they weren't able to get ahold of him.
Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if he did vanish all of a sudden and the clown took his own life rather than be caught. I'm sure that's against his religion though...all for that matter.
I find it extremely disturbing that the public has made the assumption that Osama Bin Laden must definitely be responsible. No reasoning let alone solid evidence has reached Australian shores to the best of my knowledge?

So, NO I don't think a fair trial can be acheived, because it seems that the "trial" has already taken place!

I know the US has claims it has evidence implicating bin Laden and his network, but as a suspicious member of the general public I simply cannot, US government, Australian government or whatever, make a judgement based simply on an "official media announcement".

Melancholia has made good points, the public will hear through the media what the government wants us to hear, there is SO much more happening in the background and I definitely can't help wondering what!

These are just my thoughts in response to this thread, I am extremely troubled over this entire issue... War in Afghanistan :err: