Finally! I've got an account here!


METAL... nuff said!
Fer crying out loud, I've gone to the last two PP's, and only now have I signed up for this forum! I'm behind with the times!


Thank you. You crayzee mutha. :D

Some of you will recognise me from other places. I've met many of you at the shows, all I gotta do is remember who is who. I've still got albums that I bought at the show this year that I haven't got to listening. (admitted, it's all because of Edguy's and Blind Guardian's live albums) And yes, of course, I'll be attending every other festival Glenn puts forth.

Well, unless he does a show of all crappy bands.

But that ain't gonna happen. Ever. :headbang: Even if he tried, I'd prolly still love three out of the ten of em!

Later, folks!