Fireball Ministry - any fans here???


metalmetalmetalmetal! \m/
Hey all 'n those of you that have been to one of the Dio/Anthrax shows on this tour -- just wondering if anyone here's a fan of opening band Fireball Ministry. What are your thoughts on them? Good? Not so good? I checked for a FM thread and didn't see one, so hopefully this is kosher to be asking. I run a discussion group on Yahoo! for FM and if there's any new fans of the band from this tour, and you use Yahoo! at all (even if you don't, doesn't matter) it'd be cool if you could join up in my fan discussion area and shoot the shit about FM, the tour (of course Anthrax posts are cool) or metal in general!! \m/\m/

I must say Fireball impressed me on the tour. Very solid, and VERY beautiful musicians! :hotjump: Aside from that, I thought the band was very good. Lots of energy, good stuff. I look forward to hearing more of them in the future.
ive only heared 2 or 3 songs but i like what ive heared, definatley gonna get the album/albums come payday, looking forward to them playing the u.k.