First Confirmed Dates for JOP/CIIC/Manticora U.S. tour

Raleigh show was a blast....did a quick walk around after Manticora's set and got roughly 150-175 total...a decent turnout IMHO.

Yes, really great show. To me it looked like somewhere between 125 and 150 at that time, and at the end of the night around 100 (why would people leave early on a Saturday night? and especially when JOP did a killer show?).

Saw the last show on the tour last night, maybe 40-50 people there it seems. Probably one of the best concerts I have attened thus far, Zak, Bill, and Jon are too funny!

wow, only 50? hmmm... two other folks said they counted closer to 150. :Smug: Is this why your name is 'Newmath'? :lol:

Hoyt any idea how many for Jaxx show? Seemed like decent crowd size wise. Iknow you always want most possible. Thanks again what a great tour.

I have not received any numbers yet, but I hope to speak with Jay Nedry later today to follow up on the show.

Thanks for the support! :)


I just wanted to take a moment - now that we can all relax and catch our breath - to thank everyone who supported this tour along the way. You all RULE! Thank you! Without you, this could not have happened.

I also want to thank Claus, Glenn, Lars and all at Intromental Manegement for having faith in me to pull this off. I appreciate the support you gave me along the way. You guys are all class acts! I truly enjoyed the opportunity to work with you on this tour. Thank you.

And mostly I would like to thank the bands and their dedicated crew. The hardest work was done by them, and they all deserve applause and much respect for their dedication to bring YOU - their fans - a quality show. :worship:

as for myself... :loco: I am taking a break for the next several weeks from the booking and promotions business. But watch for new announcements before the year is over. 2009 is going to be big... no, make that HUGE for the metal scene. :cool:

Allentown? YES! I don't have any setlists, but they're pretty similar to the above.

The Rock Room at the Sterling Hotel venue was (and I now apologize to anyone in Allentown. I love Dorney Park and you guys have a nice town there) a little dive bar in a so-so neighborhood. It was a very small room. The stage was at one end, perhaps four feet above the ground. There was a low wall, and no other separation from the audience. When done, half of the bands walked down the four steps from the stage and right into the crowd. The bar was in a room right next door. This place was small. Of course, it didn't' need to be very big. Allentown during the week isn't a recipe for a big turnout. Testament was playing 3 blocks away. That was a huge factor.

Just so I don't repeat myself too much, let me say that small crowds was the trend of the night, but all of the bands were incredibly professional. No one skimped on the energy or the product. The typical metal band cliche: "we don't care if we play to 30, or 3,000 people, we just go out and rock." I saw all three bands two weeks ago at PP, and I can say for sure that the 400 - 1200 at PP, or tonight at A-town, all of the bands lived up to that cliche tonight.

Manticora went on a few minutes before 9. There were about 35 people watching. I counted. The guys rocked hard. Lars sounded like his voice was better than PPIX, at which he was said to have throat problems. The small crowd was into it. There were no microphone problems like there were in Atlanta. Fun band to watch.

Circle II Circle went on about 10:00. Zak Stevens' voice is the thing that makes that band go, and he had that voice full strength tonight. They put on a tight show, playing all CIIC songs until the finale, "Taunting Cobras". Notable exceptions to the setlist were 'Watching in Silence' and 'Turns to Me'. Zak has an amazing voice, but he isn't a top front man. Funny comment from the audience: "Zak has a way of looking right through you and not seeing you, even when you're in the front row." It was true. I was maybe five feet away from him, and there wasn't much crowd interaction. No worries. Great show.The crowd was up to about 60-ish people. My higher level math skills are strained by this counting effort.

JOP came on around 11:30 and played for two hours. Jon's voice, which is light years better than it was 10 years ago, was a little more strained than it was at PP. However, he is one of the best front men. He can carry an audience along with him, and he did so tonight. The band is also the best of the night. As always, Matt LaPorte channels Criss Oliva with amazing accuracy and emotion. They are tight, energetic, and playing to the crowd. Jon mixes new and old. Zak comes out and does Edge of thorns as well as Chance. The latter is stunning. I hadn't heard that live since The Wake of Magellan tour a decade ago. I was hoping to hear Zak do 'All That I Bleed', but no luck. Still, it was a great setlist and an excellent show. By the end of the show, I'd guess about 100 people were watching. I don't even try counting.

Right around song one or two, Jon points out that Chuck Billy and the Testament band are in the audience. They had come in to see JOP after they finished their performance a few blocks away. Other than some high fives, the crowd let Testament enjoy the show in peace. Jon kept taking time out to talk about Chuck or Alex Skolnick, telling stories about their tour during Gutter Ballet ( I was at that show in Chester County - must've been 1990 or so - made me feel older). That was very cool.

After the show, all of the bands are just hanging around talking. I wore my PPIX shirt, which generated a lot of smiles from the band. They all love PP. I also get a brief chance to ask Matt LaPorte if he knew what he was getting into by playing for Midnight during the Pre-preparty at PP. He did, and said it was as interesting from his point of view as it was from ours. After thanking Kinder for always being on the boards and chatting with a few other band members from Manticora and CIIC, I began the 90 minute drive home. I didn't make it to work the next day (got home at 3:15 am), but it was worth it to have essentially a private Savatage concert.

Thanks to the bands and the promoters for putting this together. I hope next time Philly doesn't cancel out on you, and that you can get a few more people in the audience. Either way, I'll be there.

Steve in Philly

Steve, that was a killer review! I'm freakin' jealous of you being in a small room like that full of my metal gods, Jon, Zak and the Testament boys! :worship:

I would've loved to hear Zak perform Turns to Me...again I'm jealous!

By the way, I'm pretty sure I stood with you during the JOP and Iced Earth sets this past year. I was basically standing next to you, wearing an Edguy shirt, making a fool of myself during JOP's set. :lol::oops:

This is a general statement so no one in particular needs to take direct offense--but if you feel guilty or feel like you must defend yourself then obviously this is aimed at you.

I don't care who you are or what experience you have in the music industry--I have a front row seat to the amount of work my dad is doing with this tour. I see the frustrations and disappointments he has to put up with while venue owners and promoters can't give a straight answer and have their asses on their shoulders about something that may or may not make them a good profit and I see the amount of bitching and moaning when fans can't get their way on a band coming to a city of their choice or a coast they live on. I tell ya what, you give a check to Intromental with the full amount due for one of these shows and see if YOU break even in the end and are able to bring a ProgPower style band back to your area. If anyone has a damn problem with it, you can get off your asses and either help or do it yourselves.

Thats all Im gonna say about it, you can deal with it or you can leave it alone.
well said my boy.
Patrick's got it down to a T.

I love music. I love performing it. I actually love the gear-head portion of making live music work. I don't mind helping bands with gear and loading the stage. And I'm quite interested in running live music as a hobby or even a weekend-warrior gig to earn a few bucks on the weekend, if I get my skills up to snuff to be one of the sound guys people DON'T bitch about.

But the business aspect of live music? Dealing with venues to get a tour to work?


I'll never want to actually KNOW what Glenn and Hoyt and their crew had to go through to make this tour work. Just dealing with the logistics and money and footwork and phone calls to get the Detroit show to work was downright depressing and aggravating! It's WORK, man.

I'm gonna try to stay humble and appreciative in this business. I just wanna get on stage and ROCK, and not suck at it. (SHADDAP HOYT! I know what you wanna say! Heh heh... ) I want smoothly run shows, I want bands that fans actually appreciate and fans that bands appreciate. And most of all, I want to make sure anyone I work with knows that I'm genuinely passionate about music, despite all its traps and illusions and horrible expectations.

The guys from Manticora will never understand how much we appreciate them. I had so many friends tell me that night, and days later, that was the most fun show they attended in Detroit. And I hope all three bands know that their hard efforts on this tour won them some fans here in Motown.

Hoyt, Patrick, call upon me any time you need me, for anything. Ever.
Since I am swamped with work now that I am home,
I will break the tour down into bullet points for easy

* Riding in a van and staying in hotels everynight is cool
but the bus is still better.
* US promoters either care of they don' grey area.
* Catering in the US is pathetic and embarassing to all humans!
* US beer sucks....except Sam Adams!
* Most soundsystems and light shows at these venues should be burned
to heat peoples homes.
* The roads in the US were apparently built by cavemen.
* We rose to the challenge every night...the crew kicked ass!
* Manticora are very funny dudes, and watching them grow tired
of American fast food and sh*t beer was fun as hell.
* Fans dug the JOP/Zak was great to give them that.
* Promoter's don't advertise even when you send them dozens of
tour posters free of charge.........duh!
* We hope to try this again early next year...
* Promoters who cared understand that we will double or triple the
audience next time we come through.....we kicked their ass's!
* The fans were gracious and appreciative of what we were able to
bring to them. They seemed thrilled with all of it and we thank them also!
* Hoyt, Glenn and Claus at Intromental did a superb job! Thanks guys!

Back to planning the next Euro-Tour....South America as well!

Cheers to everyone and thanks for a great 2 weeks!

Thanks for the recap, Kong! Shows in Cleveland and Pittsburgh were awesome. Every review I have read about this tour said how much ass it kicked! Please please please hit Cleveland again soon (you know we had one of the best attended shows on the tour!)

And thanks to all of the band members and crew for all of your hard work-the two shows I was at were the best ones of my life! And the meet and greet-so cool-though I was a bit overwhelmed by the Mountain King!
Forgot to give kudos to Hoyt-great job-I have zero complaints.

People who didn't check 'em out have no idea what they missed!