The unthinkable tour is happening: Jon Oliva's Pain/CIIC/Manticora U.S. tour


I HOPE you're not excited for ALL of my same reasons....:erk:

if so, back off, he's taken!!:p

:ill: :oops:

er, uh, no... but then again, I haven't met him yet. :p

heh heh

actually, I'm a big fan of Oliva's music from the day Sirens hit the store shelves. So I'm doubly excited to be working with JOP (as well as CIIC and Manticora) on this tour.

Congrats on pulling this tour back together and delivering an even bigger lineup. If it comes marginally close to northwest AR, I'm there.
Absolutely thrilled to see Manticora on this bill .....for no other reason than they deserve it....will be hoping the trio here will be able to attend.
This will be awesome!! I hope something can be worked out to bring this to the Dallas / Fort Worth area. I'm going to pass this info along to a few places around here. Here's hoping something can get done!

My name is Todd and I approve of this post. :headbang:
Pops is an awesome place to see a show. I wish more people around STL would go to a show like this. I know whenever I play Savatage or JOP in the cd store I work in I always get people asking who it is and ordering it. I'm sure I'll make it to one stop on the tour somehow.