First Full song here!TSE808+X50/TS-999+TheAnvil/B.O.D./Impulses/Satson


Dec 23, 2009
My cave
Hi there!

This is my first full song on the internet.
(Yes, my nick is a fucking joke, I´m not the best, I´m a fucking beguinner but please don´t kill me XD)
I want to say thanks to all of you. I have learn a lot (and have lot to learn from all of you!)

First version LINK (first version) :headbang:

"Remasterized" version LINK (second version) :headbang: :headbang:

(Registered song in Creative commons 3.0 Alike here)
Safecreative LINK

I think rythm guitars need more volume but I just need your ears.:)
I know that sometimes it´s personal but whatever, what do you think?
What version do you prefer? First one? Second one with more volume on guitars?
Do do find something else that is not working well?

Here you have some information for you:

Mixed using Satson 1.1 (in modern mode ;D)!! (Thank you Diego Toritto for your great soft!)

Three channels to a bass buss
D.I. + TSE B.O.D (no cab) + TSE X50(with cabs)

Guitar amps:_____________________________________
-100%/+100% = Rythm Guitars = TSE 808+TSE X50 B3
-80%/+80% = Rythm Guitars = TS-999+The Anvil
-20%/+20 = Harmony Guitars = TSE 808+TSE X50 B3
0% = Lead Guitar = TS-999+Rangebastard+TSE X50 B3

Cab Impulses used:_________________________________
StoneSour_UnfinishedL_IR.wav (from Impulse Vampire 2.00) (Thank you matrix151080!)
Chimaira_PicturesInAGoldRoom_Left_IR (from Impulse Vampire 2.00)
NT5_left_live_room_pres_3.wav (from God's Cab 1.3!)
Diezel V30 SM57 (6505 PowerAmp)

With Lecab 2 = 6 Cab impulses (for each fucking guitar)

Vocals: (3 channels: Left+Center+Right, lot of COMP+EQ+Reverb...
Others: Lots of vsts :rofl:

Thank you:
First of all to ALL OF YOU for sharing your music and show me the way to sound better.

In any order: (I don´t want problems :lol: )
Dandelium, Ola Englund, Jotun25, Nuno Filipe, Lolzgreg, Javi Perera, Jotun, Splat88, NSGUITAR, and more people!!!
You are an inspiration to me!! :):headbang::kickass::OMG:

And special thanks to:
Lepou !!
Onquel from TSE !!
Alu from Ignite Amps! and Andy Zeugs!
Ken McLaren from Acmebargig!
Please, make a donatio today to this people because they're doing a nice job!

I have done a too.:lol::lol:
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Added second mix with maybe better sounding?

Well, maybe I'm posting this in a really bad moment, maybe all of you are drinking just now in somewhere
So I go out now too and I'll take a look here tomorrow and monday. Happy Weekend People! ;D :kickass::headbang:
dude, less is more sometimes. this sounds really overprocessed. vintage-esque and warm, I'll give you that, but not in a natural way.
Thank you for your answers.
Maybe the master is a little higher and I could have more dynamic range there.
I will take another look to the mix.
I'm a little tired of hearing it over and over again.
I´ll format my pc and will work on it again later.