First Paid Job (need feedback) !

That random back and forth panning near the middle doesn't really sound very good at all in my opinion, not only because it cuts in the middle of notes, but it just sounds odd doing it on something like that without breaks. On the part after that the snare is ducking the entire mix, guitars get burried really bad. The snare is pretty much dominating the entire mix overall. Kick is also making the guitars duck in a couple of places, sounds overcompressed a lot. Guitars sound a bit undergained and thin.
Thanks for your feedback. In fact that's like my first mix ever so I'm still learning a lot. I'm really struggling with the guitars, they sounds muddy, grainy and thin. Very old strings on very cheap guitars :/ .I'll ask the band about that riff in the middle if they don't mind I'll change it. I'll go softer on the compressor. But do you have any tips to get the guitars to gel more with the bass??
Yeah, maybe a little advise for the panning-part: Draw an envelope for it to achieve a smooth panning from one side to another
Alright I'll try to do that. But my main concern right now is the guitars. They want a sound like Asking Alexandria on Stand Up And Scream (a Pod would be really easy but since I don't have one I have to take what I have) I listened closely and the guitars are really mid-driven and have like zero gain. What can I do to make mine sound rich and clear without scooping everything everywhere?
Sadly old strings and cheap instruments won't get them in the ballpark. Unless they could get their hands on a decent LTD or Jackson or whatever with decent pups and new strings, getting a good tone to begin with will be tough. I listened to an Asking Alexandria and the guitars indeed sounded pretty middy, though I wouldn't say they have little gain, try to up the volume and tone knob a bit in tse808 (2-3o'clock) and maybe the pre gain in x50 (deactivate the red ch mod if you haven't already, plus mod sounds way better though has less gain so you'll need to turn the pregain up). And if you're not doing it already, start hi-passing everything, low end has a tendency to kill headroom and mud things up if not controlled properly.
Well since I know their song by heart and I own a guitar with 81/85 I could retrack everything... But due to time limitation I won't. On TSE 808 I have already tone & volume knobs turned way up. As for X50, my pre-gain is at a decent level. Everything is HP at 125 and LW at 9.5... I think that the fact that I still don't have a DI plays an important role into the shityness of my guitar sound (plus old strings/no-name pups). :(
^heh, yeah. Also 125hz hpf sounds pretty overkill on rhythm guitars with a shitty bass, try going below 100hz (I wouldn't go lower than 70hz though).
this is pumping quiet hard, id back off the compression on the masterbus.
the panning of the guitarts sounds weird. overall its pretty muddy. id avoid spreading the guitars too wide, gives the whole thing a phasey weird feeling.
hope that helps!
Well, I don't understand why it sounds so strange, it's only panned hard left 100, right 100, no big deal. I'll back off the compressor and see what I can do for the guitars then I'll post another mix today. Thanks again for everyone's advices.
I can't help myself, but the snare still sounds strange to me. This reverb just sounds so... unnatural... Maybe try another sample?
Yeah now that everyone had a word to say about the snare I don't really have the choice to look for another one. Hope I'll don't have to retrack guitar & bass :mad:
your biggest issues are the guitars... whatever is going on with that snare, i dont know, still sounds weird to me, but so does the whole kit in fact - it just has an awkward room feeling and the drumming still sounds very robotic.

in terms of the guitars: they sound undergained somehow... maybe "forced" is the right word, but that could also be a matter of the shitty tracking due to the quality of the guitars. and imo they need some more presence, in general they sound muddy. try cutting out some frequencies when you adjusted the basic guitar tone.
Well the ackward room feeling is due to the fact that there's no room at all. Just reverb on snare and a bit on OHs. I don't know what's going on with the guitars because this time I had gain turned to max on both amp sim and tubescreamer (volume & tone). Also, I tracked the latest update with regular 81/85. Precense knob is also turned to max. I think it might be all the mids. I failed at trying to get a good sounding middy mix haha.
What are you recording DIs with? Could be recording way too quiet, where are the guitar DIs peaking? The guitars still sound strangely undergained in the update on some parts as well as a little out of tune, but overall a lot better than before. Also try removing the gate, I've never ever found any use for a noise gate when using amp sims, just edit by hand if parts need to be silenced.
Well I think you spotted the problem. I don't have any DI, it's just guitar plugged straight in the line in of my Presonus Firebox. Pre-amps are really bad, input level is REALLY low. So I think that might the reason why it's so ''undergained''.
Doesn't it have a gain knob for the line in? If it does you need to bring it up so it's as close to clipping as possible when striking a chord really hard, but not starting to clip of course. You should be able to get good enough results without a DI box.
Well on the Firebox there's only ''gain'' knobs for the mic inserts :/. So I'm kinda fucked, should I record the dry signal, bounce it then raise the volume before adding my chain?