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Only few days ago I read an interview with Paradise Lost and they said that they are very proud of making such musically changes and not doing the same as in the year 1991. And that's what I mean by posting to the last poll in the Katatonia forum.
Have a look.
Well, the difference between Katatonia and Paradise Lost is that Katatonia are still making good,incredible masterpieces in dark music and Paradise Lost are playing elektro CRAP pop to get as much fans as possible. My conclusion Paradise Lost sucks, this the band that made great doom albums........................

Paradise is now playing awful but the reason of this is not about their style.Techno or other electronic pop groups can play well to cause music is not a style music is not metal or something music is music.But Paradise Lost changed their style only for gaining money (i think like that) but what about Samael did they change their stykles for gaining money they lose their old fans and they can not gain new fans cause the people who could listen electronic music won't listen Samel thye will listen something else (And i think Samael is still good hmm maybe average)

The problem is not about the style it is about only music itself

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I really liked "Host" by Paradise Lost. It reminded me of the UK band Mesh. I think I'm one of the few who actually thinks the later P.L. stuff is better than the early and mid periods. Lost Paradise is still a classic album, but I thought everything from Gothic onwards was rubbish, and they only got good again with One Second.

I also think the last Samael album is definitely their best work. It's a great mixture of Laibach and Metal with a touch of Darkwave. Try listening to it next to the appalling and dull Blood Ritual and tell me I'm wrong!

I'm wearing flameproof underwear, just in case... :)

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Don't worry - as the newly-appointed moderator of this board, I am here to prevent flame wars getting too out of control. Then again, I wouldn't count on me to end it - I enjoy a good flame war as much as the next person (as long as the next person is a sarcastic, cynical, sadistic git).
I think Samael are great.
Passage is masterpiece, Exodus is their stronger release and Eternal is the most experimental (trippy if you like).
I hated Eternal at my first listen because I expected (wanted) an Exodus album, full-length (how narrowminded:eek: ), but with time it grew on me.......Xytras write some of the best music and his bro Vorph one of the greatest lyrics....
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I never liked Paradise Lost because I never listened to 'em (the whole album or something, just songs).......I like One Second the most. Really. It has the most honest feeling.
But the Host is shite.

Yeah, Samael is a great band. I find "Ceremony of Opposites" their best album but I´m also a fan of the new style,albums like "Passage" and "Eternal" are great and very original.
It´s one of my favorite bands.
Samael, Ruler of the Fifth Heaven, has been regarded as one of the greatest and one of the most dreaded Angels operating in Heaven. Samael was regarded as the serpent who tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden, drawing to himself the position and distinction as Chief of Satans.

I think this is a good explanation

I just think they like other music now, so they play other music. Fans doesn't matter for them and it is good. If Anathema would listen to what their fans are advicing, we would never enjoy "Judgement" and "Alternative 4". Aaron from MDB says in every interview, that they don't care 'bout fans when writing music.
hey gdc,
thanx for the Samael explanation.

Do you know what's up to them now?
Are they recording an album these days?
I just can't wait....(considering the last two songs from Eternal, Being and Radiant Star, they could play some free jazz....Fine with me!!!:) )
I haven't heard the latest PL yet but I like pretty much every album so far, even HOST..... Actually i prefer HOST to "Lost Paradise" ......... never cared for how gruff the vocals are on that one.......

Is the new album a continuation of HOST or did they step back to a more ONE SECOND type of album?
Actually, "Beleive in Nothing", new alb of PL is pop, but it sounds great ! There are a couple of "early PL" moments, some synths(but less, than on "Host"), the vocal is like on "Host" still, but there is much more guitar, solos, different. Yuo know, I'm fan of PL's "Icon". I think it's a Masterpiece! Chef-d-ouvre! But I liked "B.I.N" very much, it is so light, splendid, ballads are so touching! I recommend it to you, though many ppl will tell you: it's shit.:)
You know, my biggest problem with Paradise Lost these days is how they trash metal and their fans who prefer their older material. As a musician, I guess, I simply don't understand. How can you look back on what you've accomplished and wish it never happened? Especially since they made such a big mark for themselves in the early 90s. I read an interview where Nick was "embarrassed" about their old metal albums...and that's just stupid.

I liked everything up to One Second. If the band wants to change into electro-pop or whatever, fine, but I think it's wrong to badmouth your fans, even if they don't like PLs current musical direction.
Look, they just play music they like, it's your choice to listen, or not to listen. I am sure, they knew your reaction on 'one second", but they changed their style though. Paradise Lost are brilliant, their only failure was "One Second". You write that you can't understand them as a musician. If progress is strange thing for you as for musician, then... And many of you write that PL is shit, crap etc., but don't forget that much people still love them and you offend their feelings. Dixi.
Did you even READ my post? I don't care what they do. I wasn't talking about their change of style; I was talking about their tendency to bash metal and metal fans. I personally even thought One Second was halfway decent.
When I heard One Second I was about to cry! "Say Just Words" was like a beam of old-stuff light there for me, from other I liked only "Lydia" and "Soul Courageous" a little. I thik they had too little experience in electro-music at that time, but "Host" seemd like more interesting and professional.

Elissar, there's no need to argue, they play what they like, we listen what we like, and it's not a cause to call shit neither them nor us. Peace 4ever!