For Rich Wrestling Fans Only !!


Apr 24, 2001
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Just got this email from ticketmaster7.
These are the prices for seating at the Colonial stadium event in August.
I knew the Ringside seats wouldn't be cheap , but......

Endzone $29.95 - The top of the house, up above the End of the field, and around the stage. You may not see the front of the entrance stage but that vision will be shown on the Stadium`s huge video screens.

Skydeck $49.95 - Top of the house, up above the action and the spectacle, perfect for families and priced accordingly.

Silver $99.95 - The second level of the grandstands, some of the best seats in the house, in the West and South of the grandstands.

Gold $109.95 - The lower elevation seating on the East, South and West sides of the field. These sections will be hydraulically moved out into the arena for this event to bring you closer to the action.

Fightdeck $199.95 - The arena floor, down among the action including the areas near the entrance stage and runway.

Premium $199.95 - The Medallion area of premium seating in the second level on the Western side of the ground.

Platinum $275.00 - The next ten rows around the ring enclosure on the East, South and West of the ring enclosure.

Diamond $750.00 - The first twelve rows around the ring enclosure. The ticket price includes a special souvenir ticket pass and your own special event folding chair which can be taken home with you at the end of the show.


No wonder Vince McMahon is a bloody billionare
Gold seats seem the best value for money.

I wonder if the $750 dollar Diamond seats include a private half hour with Trish Stratus or stacey Keibler
Originally posted by Hanso
I wonder if the $750 dollar Diamond seats include a private half hour with Trish Stratus or stacey Keibler

Better include more than just lunch for that sort of money. :mad:
Yeah, I'd go for gold. Problem with being in the front 12 rows of ringside is that you'd have heaps of losers in front of you holding up signs so you wouldn't see anything anyway :)
Originally posted by Blitzkrieg
He is, and his mullet looks worse than ever!! :D

WOO!! I remember watching the Hulk cartoon and watching him wrestle every week on Wrestling Superstars :headbang: He always used to tell me to eat my vitamins and that I was a "little Hulkamaniac" :lol:
The world needs more role models like him :D