futureal bass part


Sid Vicious Reincarnation
Apr 18, 2001
i saw on rabies site that the bass part from futureal is missing
well i'd like to do that if nobody else of the 'elders' would like to do it as this is one of my fave songs and i gave it a try before.
but plz notice the follwing:

1. it's the first time i'd do that for IMG so plz be patient
2. i'm not a bass superstar (yet)
3. i need time as i have right now final exams at uni and start a new job next week and then i'm off for a few days...
4. i only have the tabs from the internet - they seem to be quite good but it may be that there is the one or other error
5. can someone give me a hint about the best way to record it on pc respectively any other hints to make it as good as possible
Stormbringer: Watch it with the "elders" thing!:lol:

You'll need a soundcard that is capable of playing and recording audio simultaneously. You'll also need some multi-tracking software. I use guitar tracks, some use n-track or other software. Others here are really good with their software and can help you more than I can in that area, but I'll answer any questions I can.:)

...and watch out with those tabs from the net...play along to the cd...trust, and develop your ear!
Originally posted by Mr. Hyde
trust, and develop your ear!


well i think my soundcard is able to record and play at the same time as i use battlecom, should be the same way that bass software functions

where can i get tracking software?
1. Ok. We'll be patient.
2. I'm not a guitar superstar either...so its all cool.
3. #1 problem in the IMG.
4. Most tabs on the internet for Maiden is 80% effective at best.
5. Take Hydes advice. A good soundcard..with a bass you can plug right into the soundcard I think..and get a decent recording. You can use a wide array of software to record.

Otherwise..you need to do the following:
Get a copy of the standalone drum track from Virus' FTP (.mp3) find something that will convert it to .wav (I use MpegDG GoWave!)...import that into your recording softare (I use N-Track)...make sure when you hit record you hear the drum track AND your bass (and it only records your bass)...then spend the next 6 hours getting the perfect take. Once you have it, remove the drum track, mixdown the bass line, convert it back to .mp3 (I use MusicMatch Jukebox for this).

You have an ftp site right? Mail me the info (rabies@burn.com) and I can ftp up some recording software for you to 'evaluate' ;)
thx dude! email is on its way ;-))
gotta check how to plug in bass to soundcard, gonna need an adapter plug for that but i'll try 'the other way' first ;)
already downloaded the drum track