Gigantour announced with Megadeth, Dream Theater, Fear Factory, Nevermore, DEP...

Dodens Grav said:
I take it your reply is sarcasm of course, but just to reiterate, that is an EXTREMELY AWFUL tour. Fear Factory and DEP have never done anything worthwhile, Nevermore and Dream Theater have VERY few moments of anything positive, and Megadeth has sucked since Rust In Peace. Dave can't even sing anymore, so it's not even worth it to see them.

Also, obviously this is my opinion, so bitching about it will only make one look stupid.

Dave Mustaine could sing, since when.

NEWS: Dave Mustaine could sing, Dave Comments on singing.

This is Dave Mustaine and I want to let Lars know I've been upset for along time. Lars I hate you man and I've been waiting for you since 83..... 'sheds tear'

Oh wait this is about me singing.....

Lars I'm really upset, my band has sucked since I formed it. I wish you guys did not kick me out of Metallica. I want to meet you again really bad lars ulrich.

Lars Ulrich comments on Dave Mustaine's post

DOODZ, I'm going to sue everyone man. Metallica's intention has always been to take over the world, we let no one stand in our way or make decisions for us. We have total control and it's always been that way. Metallica is not just a band it's about total world domination. We will not quit until we have everyone's wallet. Fuck poor countries and people. We want to sue you dude'z.

Kirk Hammet comments on the entire situation.

What lars said, Metallica is about taking over and has been that way. Remember when we had chicks nude in our shower in the 80's, that was awsome.

James Hetfields words.

I'm just downing this bottle of Whiskey, let Lars decide because what lars says goes. I'm not good with paper work and decisions. I've been inebriated up until I went to rehab before St.Anger. We're not good anymore but oh well. Now I'm drunk again and fucked up.
My god, you sure put in more effort than necessary to prove you're special.
Wow, that might make me chuckle if I hadn't been reading practically the exact same stupid rant for the past 4 years.

Actually, take that back, it wasn't funny the first time either. The Metal Inquisition deprives you of your Attempting To Be Funny privileges for the next week.
One of these days, all the prog fans are just gonna say "You know what? Enough is fucking enough" And just start wailing on everyone in sight. . . .and do it in 6/8, too.
Definetly looking foward to this tour. I'll be there to see Nevermore, Dream Theater, and Megadeth. I don't really care for Dillinger Escape Plan and will be elsewhere while they play. I don't mind Fear Factory, I don't listen to them but they were pretty good when I saw them with Children of Bodom and Lamb of God last year. This will be my fourth time seeing Dream Theater and my second time seeing Megadeth and Nevermore. Megadeth totally crushed on the last tour and I love the current line up especially because of the great bands these guys come from. Looking foward to see who is playing the second stage. I am hoping for Children of Bodom and hopefully another prog/power band or two.