good holiday music

TheNewChupe said:
john fahey i have never heard of but i remember that merry axemas being uber-cheesy.

i have a metal christmas cd somewhere at my house with paul di'anno doing silent night or something like that. hilarity.

my two favorite metal christmas songs are definitely:

king diamond-no presents for christmas
fight-haunted sleigh-ride?? i forget the name but i heard it on the radio once while in high school and i thought it was the coolest thing ever.
John Fahey is (was, since he's passed now) considered kind of an Americana folk guitarist, only he's cool. a lot of his albums (i think) are solo acoustic guitar instrumental, and not "pretty, schmaltzy, perfect" playing- they're more gutsy, Fahey interpretations of the classic tunes. Very nice stuff. That one cd is basically two albums, I believe, and the first time i heard it was one Christmas when WNUR played the whole thing and i was in my car driving to the suburbs to my sister's house at night. awesome.

he's got several Christmas ones he did through the late 60s and 70s, and then one he did in the 80s with Terry Robb that is acoustic duets, but the one i linked is probably the best imo.
As bad as it sounds, my girlfriend put on Bright Eye's christmas album yesterday and I found myself enjoying it for the most part.

And that King Diamond is the greatest thing ever.