good tube amp??


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Dec 26, 2005
Detroit, MI
i have a peavey ultra plus right now but im thinking i want a difrent amp also.

Not quite sure i can afford a 5150 but are there any like older tube amps that are good i might be able to find on ebay im thinking like 500 max but im looking for something a little less if posible??? Not a huge deal as i already have a tube amp but i just love trying diffrent things every year or so!!

need something good for metal...Lamb of god, as i lay dying, throwdown, hatebreed stuff like that.
so you have 1300 in total? don't split it, think about what you really need and get the best you can afford so I'd go for either killeramp OR a killer-interface OR preamps OR ....

that way you'll keep it for life or at least will be happy with it for a long time...splitting and buxing a mediacre interface AND a mediacre amp won't make you happy.
no im not buying amp right now i only have 800 and all that is going into my recording interface or recording stuff.

I just wana see what i can get so when i do have some money i might swoop a extra amp cause im gona be touring with my band and i want another amp for backup!! and i think it would be cool to have around the studio also. :headbang: :headbang: