goooooooood morning all!


Sid Vicious Reincarnation
Apr 18, 2001
hey i'm new to that forum, i usually hang around at the blaze BB
i'm a friend to lightnin who told me about you guys here :D

i must say i really admire your work here after i read a few threads. will there ever be a possibility to download the stuff you are recording?

i myself am playing bass, but as i started just a few month ago i still need loads of practice (well, actually that's what i do all day since then:) ). maybe i once could help you with any songs if someone told me how to record that in a GOOD way on a pc ;)

actually, i would love to help you but i suppose you guys are still too good for me though i already played with friends a few covers...

Welcome Stormbringer. I suppose if you goto you will find some of the tracks without vocals(under karaoke). Hallowed Be Thy Name is probably the best so far (although I recommend getting The One You Love to Hate if on of the others can give you address). The quality ranges because we have become better at recording the songs.

As far as recording goes we can get a few drum tracks to you and you can see how you go.

@ crossy: are you by any coincidence 'ironcross' from the blaze chatroom? i'll check out the songs, drum tracks would be cool - are they mp3s?

@ amon: think we've met on the former lightninstrike forum, haven't we? guess were lightnin got stuff like acdc 2000 in vienna from :rolleyes: :D
Hi StormBringer.

There is a fellow that lurks on this board by the name of 'Virus'. Either Private Message or email him and ask for download access to his FTP site. There you can find all the karaoke, final, or individual tracks. Grabbing the individual drum tracks is always a plus for us bassist/ we can practice to a real drummer and hone our skills.

..and we'll be more than happy to help you record when you need the help. Bass is usually the easiest to get a decent recording with.
ftp server sounds good :D
i got one too with a few gb mp3s and vids, if someone is interested contact me via icq :)
Welcome Stormbringer! I like that name, it reminds me of the Deep Purple song. the way....I've been playing guitar and bass for a long time but I still sound like I've only been playing for a couple of months sometimes!:lol:
Hi Stormbringer! :)

Welcome to the IMG! :)

First of all, you are welcome to record with us regardless of your skill level. It's great that you've taken up an instrument(the bass too, the coolest of all!, ahem, ahem ;)) Just select a song that you know well or is easier to play, maybe some Judas Priest or something?

Second, sorry that our songs are not available right now. I have been redesigning our website lately and have been completely delayed by my wife and I buying a new house. I am still in the middle of unpaking, etc, but very soon I will be returning my full attention to the Guild and solving some of our website problems. When it's finished, all of our songs and more will be available. Sorry again that it's such a mess right now.

Anyway, glad you like it here, and hope you decide to stick around! :D

thx dudes
bass rulezzzz

*isoverwhelmedbythisheartfeltwelcome* :D

well, in austria it sucks being a musician, it's VERY VERY hard to get gigs. i'm playing in a band and we plan to have our first gigs in autumn as the rythm guitarist knows the right people! as i'm practising a lot (almost every day) and having great fun with it i'm very eager to play any metal songs with IMG as the rest of our band isn't really that much into metal and we play mostly rock (as i forced tem to do so :D ). maybe i'll upload a mp3 once when we have one. :)

just how do you record the songs in a good way on pc? just mic and press record in the windows media player or do you have any special programs for that?
Originally posted by rabies
I'm interested...but I don't have email ok?

sure rabies email me at
you could also use but that one's is down for the next 2 weeks according to lightnin (= next 2 months :rolleyes: )

the thingy is that: the ftp is only online if i'm online (sorry, i'm no computer whiz) and via icq it's easy to see whether i'm online or not ;) but i'm almost on all day as i have cable and a good flatrate.

amon already checked out and was overwhelmed :D

btw @ eddies cellmate: penguins rule! my fave icehockey team!

@ crossy: so we've met before ;-)

@ mr hyde: well now guess what's my fave purple song...