Grave Demise's debut EP finished


Here is Nowhere
May 13, 2007
As most of you know Grave Demise came together all from members of the Bloodbath forums. We have been working on originals and just finished our first Ep, which you can download for free either at our or as zip file (the zip is higher quality mp3s).

Updated songs and final mixes are on our myspace for previews, but the compression kills the sound..

download the album:

direct link for the Ep album in hq

Hope you like it.

GD is
EmeticGore - guitars/vocals
Scavneck - mixing/backing vocals
Pat115 - bass
griev0r - drums
Sounds pretty good! some parts are awesome, like the intro to sunset sacrifice which comes back in the middle of the track. Makes the music...I don't know...more dynamic and interesting with such elements. Anyway...good stuff.
The vocals are cool, a bit monotone, but brutal. Didn't really dig the keyboards, the intro of Sunset looks like a Cradle Of Filth Song (Nymphetamine). The Production is pretty good for a debut. Overall i just wish i could be more fast paced, but good job nonetheless.
Thanks for all the comments and feedback guys, its all helpful good or bad!

There are actually no keyboards at all in any songs, that is all guitars. The intro to Sunset is actually Scav's girlfriend singing not a synth.

We are already working on new songs and while definitely the same style we've been going with some are faster paced.

Btw vikk you prolly have the most awesome signature of all time. lmao
Trust me I know about the monotone sounding vocals, especially on sunset. I wanted to re-record them but they insisted they were fine.

New stuff will be much better, we'll have a song mixed and mastered soon-ish for everyone to listen to. I do what I can with the guitars but by all means I'm no technical player or a groundbreaker. I've actually been looking for someone to replace me on those duties but most of the people I find want to play uber fast hardcore death metal.... nah.
I think it sounds very much like Dethklok acctually, a lot of people might like this style of metal but it doesn't quite do it for me. Great vocals as usual they are not the reason why it sounds monotone it is the riffs I would say.
^ Thanks dusty :p

Well I'd truely much rather be doing vocals, so spread the word that we need a recording guitarist. If we can't find one then prepare for more Dethklok? Haha what songs or riffs give that vibe anyways?
Haha what songs or riffs give that vibe anyways?

I honestly don't hear it.

I have listened to it quite a bit though and I do rather like the EP. I agree with the general criticisms already listed here, the guitars don't really stand out much although I do like the direction/tempo of the music in general. The vocals are the high point for me if a bit monotonous at times (but I don't find that much of an issue since they sound good). Getting brutal growls does tend to force you into a corner sometimes with technique making it hard to shift it a lot. They still remind me a bit of Eric Rutan in sound (although not arrangment). I also like that your vocals are enunciated well, I can understand most of them quite easy (unless Scav is backing haha)