My bands debut EP album


Here is Nowhere
May 13, 2007
Hey guys, been awhile. I hope you don't consider this spam, I'm not selling anything and just thought that fellow AA fans might like our shit or at least can give some feedback on the songs.

Grave Demise came together from members of the Bloodbath forum here, everything has been done through online collaboration. Our sound is kinda old school death but a bit more dark and melodic, best way I can describe it lol.

Updated songs and final mixes are on our myspace for previews, but the compression kills the sound..

download the album:

direct link for the Ep album in hq

Hope you like it.

GD is
EmeticGore - guitars/vocals
Scavneck - mixing/backing vocals
Pat115 - bass
griev0r - drums
Wow, thanks guys! Yes I know the vocals are the highlight of the band, EG kicks fuckin ass. EmeticGore used to post here in the AA forums awhile ago I believe. He is going places with death metal if he can hook up with the right people, he has a brutal heavy voice and you can actually understand what he is saying almost all the time.

I've always felt I've held the band back with my limited drumming skills but no one has mentioned that yet so that's good also!!
Sounds fucking good guys. I like the rather midpaced rhythm section the deep but still quite understandable growls are nearly perfect and the guitars add just the right bunch of melody in there. So it seems I like pretty much everything about it :lol: Killer stuff :headbang:
shit man... that stuff is great!!! I imagine that would sound heavy as fuck live... really like it!

I can't agree more with that statement, I'd love to perform these songs live.

Thanks for the feedback so far guys we really appreciate it, we're getting everything prepared for our new songs so stay tuned for that also.

Had it on repeat pretty much since griev0r first posted, fucking great stuff. Sunset Sacrifice is just so damn catchy.

\m/ awesome, what do you think of the other songs?

Empire of fire or The Descending are my personal favorites,