My bands debut EP


Here is Nowhere
May 13, 2007
Grave Demise came together all from members of the Bloodbath forums here at Ultimate Metal. We have been working on originals and just finished our first Ep, which you can download for free either at our or as zip file (the zip is higher quality mp3s).

Updated songs and final mixes are on our myspace for previews, but the compression kills the sound..

download the album:

direct link for the Ep album in hq

Hope you like it.

GD is
EmeticGore - guitars/vocals
Scavneck - mixing/backing vocals
Pat115 - bass
griev0r - drums
Your stuff is good, maybe a little generic, and sometimes it could be a bit more complicated or boosted to sound a bit better, but for the most part, it sounded good.