Apr 17, 2005
And as long as I'm here recommending bands I might as well mention these guys.

Beware, this is a long way off from Pyramaze's sound and not my usual taste but these guys really rock things up. Some of you may remember Blistered Earth, who put out one full-length album that played thrash metal the way thrash metal is meant to be played. You can't find this album in stores anymore, only second hand copies. I'm very proud to own one 'cause it's a masterpiece.

Well, these are the same guys. Except, they broke free from the thrash metal moniker and renamed themselves Graveheart. It's no longer pure thrash they play. It's... well, I don't know... just heavy fuckin' metal.

They've got a good sense of humor and it shows in their album's title and some of the track titles. Also, the descriptions of the bandmembers on their MySpace page are good for a few chuckles.

The Return of the Curse of the Creature's Ghost is their only album and already dates back from 2007. It was only released in digital format, unfortunately, and can be bought for just shy of $8.00. Check 'em out and buy it if you like it! For me, the first track "It May Kill Things..." got me hooked instantly.