Has anyone here heard of the groups Avernus and/or Lake of Tears??

Pierced Spirit

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Sep 1, 2001
San Antonio, Tx
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Ive been hearing some clips of these groups and they sound pretty damn cool. Doom/Goth/Death/Melodic/Folk are the genres Ive heard these groups related to. Im not to sure what to call em myself but they sound awesome and different which I like alot.

Does ANYONE here have a cd or some songs by this group? Any thoughts on em? It would also be great if anyone knew if these groups had an officail web site where I can get some songs. I cant find a site for them anywhere.

Thanks to anyone who helps.
Alright ya'll we got ourselves another Texan here!! :p :loco: :loco: Haha, just kidding. But it is nice to find a native of my state to join me here in the board, look forward to meeting you Pierced Spirit! :)
I have AVERNUS' Sadness demo....it is quite good...if you'd like I can tape it for you. I also saw them play at Milwaukee Metalfest last year (actually a couple of bands before OPETH :p ). They put on a really good show....
Hell yea! A fellow Texan. Very cool. Meeting sometime sounds like a good idea dude.

Thanks for the website dude! Ive looked everywhere for a site so I can hear clips of all their songs.

And that demo sounds very intersteing man. I would like a copy of it.