Hello fellow Aussie Maideners


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Jul 23, 2001
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Hello Everybody:D I've just come from the Offical Maiden site and I would like to take up Permanent Residence here if I can:) Have you got any low cost home loans?:D
Welcome and make yourself at home. :)

Feel free to help yourself to the beer in the fridge - but keep your filthy hands away from my soup. :eek:
Hi Miff, I dont have anything snappy or funny to say.......so drink yourself stupid and forget about sydos soup, i heard he does unmentionable things in it to stop people eating it. :)
I agree Cooperman! Perth must easily be the most Metal starved city on the planet.

*Miff grabs beer from fridge,He thinks about touching Sydo's soup, Decides not to*
Spawn starts chant "Take the soup, take the soup...." Miff doesnt take the soup, he is the weakest link, goodbye. (Can you tell whats on telly at the moment?)
Originally posted by ironcross
Spawn, if I wasn't so socially inept I would tell you to get out.

Unfortunatly im watching Sandra Sally "Who's Aping Who!" :lol:

Haha man Sandra Sully is a BABE, talk about beautiful, she could announce the world was going to end tomorrow on the late night news and I wouldnt care......those eyes...those cheekbones........wow......sigh im depressing myself now.......

Anyway, I was only kidding, if theres a weakest link around here, its me, or maybe im the missing link.....see how I tied that in with your ape post crossy??

What kind of soup is it Sydo? I dont mind tomato soup with butered toast in it.
Originally posted by Mark
Sorry to go off topic, but Sandra Sully's a fuckin' mule!

:eek: WHAT????????
I shall defend your honour Sandra! *slaps mark in the face with a glove and is about to challenge him to a duel but over rotates on the slap and falls face first into the ground*
Mark my good fellow, get your eyes checked, if sandra were a fox she would be hunted in the woods with only her cunning to protect her (to borrow a waynes worldism).

Oh how I pine for thee.....Sandra...SANDRA........hmmm i need a cold shower.

Im going a little over the top tonight, i apologise, im just too excited what with the slayer announcement and all.
If you think Sandra's a fox, you must practically cream yer dacks whenever Gretel was on Big Brother ;)


Mark, thats SO cruel and horrible........
*whispers*but i dont think gretel is attractive at all, in fact I thought she was a real bitch with some of her comments and didnt like her much at all. Sandra is so much classier (and I like that in a woman) :)
Originally posted by ironcross
Jeannie Little is my kind of woman :p
:lol: DAHHHLING :)

Miff, we arent usually like this, I promise! Things have just gotten a little out of hand, i take full responsibility.

(mark, I like that Marie-louise Thiel you guys have reading the news up there too......I mean she is no Sandra, but still, very beautiful :) )