:eek: What Country/State is that?
Are you looking for an instructor? Best way to learn really is just to get one and start playing...and/or jam with any guitar/bass playing friends you know! :)
I may be a dumb American, but I am not an ignorant American. You won't find me bashing other countries like some idiots will do. Fact of the matter is that citizens of countries other than the US often know more about Geography, and can usually speak at least 2 languages. Meanwhile, most of us can't even name all the State capitals in OUR country...and even fewer can speak English well. :(

I know (yah yah what do I know) that the average US citizen is quite dumb, but I think all of you that I know from here are way above from average.
I know (whoa again) that generalizing isn't a very good thing to do, but I fall for it sometimes.
But if I like someone, it's the personality that counts, nothing else.

Hmm...Rabs, you sure that you're American? I've never seen one speaking like that! :p;):D
Americans are NOT dumb! :mad:

Here, I'll prove it....

Wolverhampton is a neighborhood on the lower East side of Philly. :p Hee Hee.......

See? ;)

P.S. Eddy, you will get nowhere with that old "Americans are dumb, but no I didn't mean you" stuff! :p

P.S.S. Actually, I knew right off that Wolverhampton HAD to be British. After all, only the Brits would be silly enough to name a town "Wolverhampton". That sounds like two names just stuck together! ;)

P.S.S.S But then again, we here in America would probably just take that name and add "New" in front of it. How boring is that? "New Wolverhampton" ???
Guys GUYS, this isn't really helping her, ya know...
Isn't there anyone FROM ENGLAND :p here who could be of assistance?

I'm just a dumb fewkin' Swede... ;), but I would say the best method is to copy others playing (listen to records), then get out there and JAM! I.e. play until ya bleed.

And E_C!
Only Americans would use P.S. three times I reckon... :D
(but I'm not judging you... ;) )
:D @ Adde

@ Mrs Real World:
Maybe you should try to get some books about bass playing. That's the way I learned playing the guitar. Unfortunatly I don't know any good english books but I think that there a lots of them. And you should try to get one with a CD. So you are learning a lot of the "active-playing" and theory.
Hi there MRW,

Send Virus an email, he's from England and might be able to help you out...

Also, getting a bass and playing along to your favorite music is a great way to start!

And I'll have no further American bashing please! I might be American, but I absolutely LOVE European culture and long to visit every country there someday. Don't make me think your a bunch of knuckleheads overthere! :)

But I would have to say that we have the same percentages of morons over here as you do over there. We just have more because we have more people. And our politicians are idiots as well, so that doesn't help our image, does it?

I would consider the average American to be closer to Rabies, EC, MM, and myself then some of the other ignoramuses you may have met....

Firstly on-topic:
Mrs RW, you could also ask Neil for help, as he plays guitar and can probably help. I started by just listening to records and trying to play along with the music.

Secondly off-topic:
I think Jim is right. The relative amount of morons is the same everywhere.
Jim: I challenge you to come visit Finland and see for yourself that this country is god damn full of bloody drunken a-holes.;)
The finnish people are quite deadly, I know that the ratio of killed soldiers during the Finnish/Russian war during the second world war was about 1/18!!! The finns got 18 Russians for every dead Finn! That`s not bad although the Russians were mostly drunk on Vodka....:) Too bad there were just too many of the Russians in the end.....