Where do you go at night?

ok, transport into ashton from manchester centre is pretty regular and can be caught from outside nobles amusements in piccadilly. from stockport only the 330 (every hour after 6pm) goes into ashton and stops at 11 ish. the witchwood is a 2 minute walk from the bus station.
phone 0161 344 0321 for details on gigs, they also have a mailing list you can sign up for and they post monthly gig details to you.

see ya down there sometime..... \m/
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heres a few clubs/venues i go to:
jillys/rockworld (the only metal club all the time )
the salisbury (rock/metal juke box.. good atmosphere)
the overdraught (mondays only, Andy the dj will play anything if he has it, if not, just bring it... )

Never been to the witchwood - glad to see the Salisbury is still going.

What about the Phoenix (University Precinct on Oxford Road) - I used to hang out there - when I was a student (a long time ago mind you) is it still going? Used to be Metal on a Sunday night.

And Rock Kitchen - http://www.rockkitchen.com/ - wots that like then?


mmm rock kitchen, never been as of yet, but I hear its a good night, although i have no idea on the main music played.

phoenix..... that takes me back some! falling into the dance floor drunk hahahaha whos bright idea was that? putting a dance floor lower than everything else !!! as for it still being on, im not sure....

as for the salisbury, the mecca of manc rockers, they just recently re opened it up after an extensive refit. although brighter and more open plan, still possibly the best boozer in central manchester.

i still miss the swinging sporran tho! :) memories........ \m/
Any Manchester people remember the Banshee? Now that place kicked very serious butt! >sigh< They had to pull it down because the building was a deathtrap - damp brick walls sagging leaking in the rain. They did a thrash night occasionally and it was FREE to get in. It was between Jillys and the Odeon.

I fell in love with the place when I first went in. The club was entirely empty except for myself and mouse which was running around on the dance floor to the strains of Holocaust. Beautiful moment.
wow!! theres a dazed memory! the banshee, thursday night riot!

leaving a trail of newky bottles across princess street as we freely trailed back and forth between jillys and the banshee.
start in jillys, get drunk, go to the banshee to snog a goth bird, back to jillys for a cold one (cos the fridges rarely worked in the banshee) and back to the banshee for another doom laden mogadon maiden!

now that was a good time in life!

then they moved upto piccadilly in the old snooker club and it all went pair shaped.... ah well.... :hotjump: :headbang: :zombie:
Actually I never went there (never been to Jilly's either) always seemed too much of a dive for me - LOL

The Salisbury was always a cool pub must check it out next time I'm in town - prolly around Easter time.