hey people

Aussie Metal

Feb 15, 2009
hey everyone

my names luke, im an aussie metal head.

ive been apart of the aussie metal scene for roughly 5 years now and have been part of many metal bands that has given me a name within the scene.

im here to find out about bands that i wouldnt have heard about otherwise and hopefully share with you all some of the same!

anything else you want to know just ask!!!
i get rather lost on these boards.....where is everyone usually at?

GMD (General Metal Discussion) is usually pretty active. If you look at the right of the screen on the front page of the forum it shows which boards have the most posts & threads, if that's what you're interested in.

Small hint also - Starting a thread telling admin how shit their forum is on your first day here is not going to win you any friends or influence anybody.