How did you discover Nightwish?

I was introduced to Nightwish by an old friend of mine. I don't remember the particulars, but needless to say, since I heard "Dark Chest of Wonders" for the first time, I was hooked.
It was around 1997 or 1998, a certain Finnish music journalist (MO) was raving to me about this new band called Nightwish.
He sent me the AAF CD and I was pretty much hooked.

I have converted a few people., my ex-wife and a couple of her friends, along with my current girlfriend and her 15 year old daughter.
I was watching a random video on youtube and it had While Your Lips Are Still Red in background. So I searched out the band. Back then I didn't like metal at all. All I saw in it was pointless screaming, music without a proper melody (or just noise) and way too much dramatized clothes and lyrics. (Probably my biggest mistake.) So I was pretty disappointed that this beautiful song was made by some kind of metal band. But I was bored at the moment so I checked out I Wish I had an Angel next. I was so amazed, how Marco could scream and observe the melody at the same time, not just split lyrics out! And Tarja was sooo Powerful! Then I just had to search out everything available about Nightwish... And NW was also my gate to metal in general. After I had found such an Amazing metal band, I reviewed my bias. And when I finally truly l i s t e n e d to metal, i understood that metal is as beautiful as any ballad or blues song, just much more powerful and intense. Now I almost only listen to metal and hard rock... I still haven't found a band I would fancy more than our beloved Nightwish. :) :)
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I honestly don't even know. It was about a year ago, I think I may have seen a Kerrang! article on them on facebook and was curious so I checked them out. At first the only song I really loved was Amaranth, they took several months to grow on me.
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I've known about Nightwish since they started out. But their first album did not convince me to become a fan. But nevertheless by the Wishmaster album I was a die hard NW fan. Though to be honest the last two albums sank and I did not buy either of them. The last album I bought was Dark Passion Play which is a very good album. My favorites would be Oceanborn, Once, and Dark Passion Play. I love the End of an Era DVD as well.