How did you discover Nightwish?

I discovered Nightwish through a buddy of mine, back in high school.
In grade 9 (2007) I was getting into Symphonic Metal, and with already being a fan of Within Temptation- my friend happened to show me Nightwish!
As I became a fan of NW, I started to discover other Symphonic Metal bands... LIKE Stratovarious; Sonta Artica; Epica... etc! :)
The first song I ever heard by Nightwish happened to be Nemo, but it wasn't until after playing "Once" a million times; did I realize how awesome their older studio albums like Wishmaster and Century Child were too!

And OF COURSE what made me a fan; was how intrigued I was to hear Operatic vocals in metal! Pretty sure every metalhead here can agree with me; how Tarja's voice is so angelic, and overall; how NW carries such a unique beautiful sound! :)
I was listening to this babe here

and I fell in love with Marco's voice, so I Googled "Marco Hietala" and that's how I found, that he plays in the band NW :D
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It was through my friend Taimi's signature on another forum we're apart of, lol! I thought Tuomas was hot, who here doesn't hehe, and asked her about him. She told me so I went to look 'em up and fell in love :D

LOL! To each their own I suppose :p

What's funny, to me at least, is that now I've got my almost 12 year old daughter listening to Nightwish too :D
I discovered Nightwish on a now non-existant forum that I was part of and I believe it was around the time that Eva was released, so 2007? I find it difficult to believe it's been so long already.
It was sometime in '04 or '05, I think. I was in a friend's car with a bunch of other people, and we were trying to decide what music to listen to. I was (and still am) a big Evanescence fan, so my friend puts in Century Child and says, "If you like Evanescence, you'll like these guys."

You might say that.

I was in love after hearing Bless the Child for the first time. (I remember being annoyed with people in the car because they kept talking and I wanted to listen to this freaking awesome music...) Bought the album a few days later, and eventually picked up Oceanborn as well.

And their albums just keep getting better and better.

I've been a lurker here for a while, but this is my first post.
I just discovered Nightwish when I heard this news about them losing this vocalist chick Yvette or whoever. I checked them out so I could be in the loop! I saw something on youtube with this other vocalist that I guess they had before. Man did she suck. I hope they don't get anyone like that again! I hope they get somebody like Taylor Swift. Now SHE can sing! And hey, maybe then they'll make it to the top 40 charts so where my friends will hear about it and I can start to like them for real!
For me it was the first day of high school (September 2004, yeah, yeah, I'm a baby). I was new to town, and didn't know anyone, so I wandered over to the group of goth kids (I, too, wore too much black) and started talking to this girl Rochelle (still good friends with her). She asked what kind of music I liked, so I started listing bands, and when I got to the likes of Evanescence and Lacuna Coil, she insisted that I listen to a "much better than Evanescence" band called Nightwish. Anyway, back in the day I streamed/traded/borrowed/ripped/burned/downloaded a LOT of music, and it turned out I already had "Once" in my iTunes library, from someone who had gifted it to me, somewhere along the line. I just never had given it a listen. We got to talking and I realized that I DID have a Nightwish CD. First I got home that day, I gave it a listen and "the rest is history," so they say.
I discovered Nightwish through a friend. I asked if he knows any prominent symphonic metal bands and the first one he talked about was Nightwish. So I asked him to link me a song to listen to from the band(which was Bye Bye Beautiful) and since then I really love Nightwish. Their music inspired me to listen to other Symphonic metal bands as well.
I was YouTubing Beauty and the Beast and the song came up in the results. This was probably back in about 2007-2008. Loved the sound but didn't think to follow it any further. I revisited it earlier this year (2013) during a particularly stressful period and again, it just clicked. I decided I was gonna pursue it this time, so I listened to a few more songs from Angels Fall First...and the rest is history. Man I can't believe it's been last than six months and I've listened to all their albums!