I was reading some old threads from the Maiden BB...

Yeah it was Carla, bwahahah, easy one :loco:

Keith, we don't go either but I have some old threads saved :)

Here is the next one:
oh man, we feel the exact same thing, but usually i give up after being annoyed with the membership-situations (hate that) and the lack of moving images, come on what's there to see on a pic?... damn,it has been a long time since i had an horny-crisis...
:err: :heh:
SF: If carla was the reason you left, you can go back there then! Let me inform you that she has her own bb now that she can ban everyone she wants to and feel like queen cos over there many people already disliked her! heh!

Ivi i cant find that one... My guess goes for drifter but I'm not sure...:D
Originally posted by Slash Freeman
Angel: actually, i was meanin' i was worth going back 'cos you're there. :)

heh! Then I hope I'll spot you around then! :p

Clipsy Iron! :lol:
How did I missed that! heh! i was thinking indeed that it was about the fun club! :lol: :D