Iced earth new cd info from Jon


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Jan 19, 2002
Posted by Jon on Sunday, March 02, 2003 at 11:43PM :
What's Up!

I wanted to post a quick update for you guys.
We will begin recording around the first week of April. I am very
happy with the way things are going. I've never felt so good and
excited about a record before, this will really be a special one.
A while back I was working on a song called Gettysburg and it was a
nice piece of music but it really wasn't giving me what I felt I
needed to tell the story of what went on there 140 years ago. It's
nearly impossible in 5-6 minutes of music. So around Super Bowl
weekend I scrapped the original idea and started writing what I hope
will be the biggest and best epic I've ever written. It has, without
a doubt, been the most challenging subject matter and emotionally
taxing undertaking that I've ever tackled. It will be just about 30
minutes long and told in 3 parts; one for each day of the battle. It
will be called Gettysburg (1863) but will consist of 3 songs
entitled "The Devil to Pay", "Hold at all Costs", and "High Water
Mark." I will be hiring the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra to perform
on it, as well as a few parts on a couple of other songs. I am
working on string sections and the other symphony parts now and
finishing up lyrics on it and on some of the other tunes.
Here are some more titles, these are pretty much final. "Declaration
Day", "When the Eagle Cries", "The Reckoning (Don't Tread On
Me)", "Greenface", "Red Baron/Blue
Max", "Attila", "Waterloo", "Valley Forge", "A Gift or A Curse?"
and "Hollow Man." This release will take up nearly every available
minute on the CD format, because you deserve it!
Anyway, I just wanted to give you a quick update and fill you in on
what's happening. I think SPV is looking at a late August early
September release.
I'll be in touch one more time before tracking begins.

Take care all................


By the way, if any of you are history buffs, I'm opening a new shop
in Columbus, IN called Spirit of 76 Collectibles. We'll be selling
historical artwork, miniatures, sculptures, die cast tanks and planes
and all kinds of very cool stuff related to world history. It will be
the only shop in the mid-west like it. We'll be open in about 2
weeks, so if you're in the area, stop in and see us.
I'll have Neil post more info about it later.
yeah, this new album is totally not going to be homo like the rest of Iced Earth's yet! Horror Show was a real treat too!
yeah, this new album is totally not going to be homo like the rest of Iced Earth's yet! Horror Show was a real treat too!

not quite sure whether this is a compliment or an insult to IE's releases before horror show...

anyways, im totally fuckin pumped for this one. i wasnt too satisfied with the lyrical content of horror show, this one promises to be a little more diverse & original, even with the whole "history" mini-concept thing. gettysburg is gunna be the fuckin shit, i cant wait. :Smokin: the first thing that game to mind when i read those few lines about that song was The Odyssey by Symphony X, except i know i'll love this one even more.

nice post, i checked the band board a few days ago and was disappointed to find nothing. thanks
This is going to be a huge album. I am truly look foward to it. This new epic song "Gettysburg" sounds killer already. The day it comes out I will be in the store buying it.
I am so pumped for this album, more so now after reading this! I can't wait! I actually like the whole history theme, i find it cool and different and it beats history class! This "Gettysburg" song is sounding kick ass, even more epic than "Dante's Inferno"!
The Gettysburg stuff sounds decent from the background, else... well, I kinda got bored of the stories and sound of Horror Show after some times of listening, another lesson in such a out-dated concept like patriotism wouldn't make it as far, even.

As far as I heard, Richard Christy is still their drummer, and as for the permanent bass player, isn't Jimmy McDonough back?Or has he been fired again?
That fact that it is patriotic is genuinely disturbing to me. I think IE must be the only patriotic American metal band.