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Apr 14, 2001
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Jon Schaffer is stoked about the potential of the forthcoming album,
including the 32 minute (?) epic, 'Gettysburg'. "We are going to do it as a
free DVD, in Dolby 5.1 surround sound. I wrote parts of the song specifically for that. There will be battle sounds, cavalry, cannons will be fired behind you, then explode in front. It will be cool to have a drum roll that goes around your head. It took me a while to persuade SPV to allow me to do this. I'm not sure if it will be included with the new album, or you'll get a coupon, so they can send it to you later."
"I'm a Civil War re-inactor, so there was talk of the band dressing up, with
my unit, but right now, I think there won't be any visuals on the screen,
while the music is playing. Maybe an explanation that I'll also put in the
liner notes, to tell what the long instrumental passages mean, 'This is where the Confederate army is... This is the retreat through the town.' When we do the real Iced Earth DVD, we'll do something (visual), but this is already going to be a VERY expensive freebie."

"We starting mixing at Morrissound on May 19th and have it booked until the 30th. The final master has to be delivered (to SPV), by June 1. Normally we only take a few days, but we've got to do the stereo mix of 'Gettysburg' and the 5.1, that's why we need so much time. Morrissound doesn't even have the equipment for the 5.1 mix. They have to rent it."
Glorious Burden, the debut for new label SPV, is expected this Fall.

Now im not one to get excited about anything to do with Iced Earth but that dvd sounds f**king great! :)
Yep, Jon was talking about recording the D&W stuff at the same time then getting Hansi to do the vocals, but that idea looks to be scrapped, I know Jon said most of the stuff has been written, they are just waiting for their schedules to clear so they can record it :headbang: There was talk that Andre from BG was going to do the guitar solos for the next D&W album as well, dont know if thats true or not though...
I think I'm looking forward to the new Demons and Wizards more than Iced Earth. I'll still buy both of course :).

D & W took a while to grow on me, but now it's one of the most often played albums in my library. More please!

I probably should have kept Demons & Wizards longer before selling it. :(
New Iced Earth sounds good, even though I still don't like Horror show much.
I think that except for Fiddler On The Green that the D&W album would have been better with Matt on vocals, he has a more powerful voice for the heavier stuff, Hansi does too much airy fairy harmonising, and he did write 3 songs on that album about a gnome. A freaking GNOME! :lol: Great songs though :)
Pfft. Dolby 5.1 surround sound is for wankers and dickheads. And people who can play Dolby 5.1 surround sound.

Give me stereo with the left speaker cutting out at random any day!
I agree, having similar lead guitars to Blind Guardian on the next D&W album would be damn cool. I like the first album quite alot, as it is cool hearing Hansi sing to some heavy music, like old BG. I would probably be looking more forward to the new IE, but it sounds a bit patriotic to me. I'm sure it will still kick arse, am just a little iffy if you know what I mean. I really like some of the stuff on Horror Show, but overall it isn't that strong an album, and I expect the new album to be better....more like 'Something Wicked' I guess.

Rock on Jon Schaffer, rock on. :headbang: :D
:lol: What about mono phloggy? Thats when you know you have really made it...

Yeah I know what you mean Blitzy, but I dont think Jon will make it with stupid cliched "The eagle cries into the night for our freedom" lyrics :) The Gettysburg thing sounds great, I just hope he doesnt start adding stupid wartime yankee doodle flute shit to it :)
Nope, with mono you still get to hear the whole song. With a dodgy left speaker you miss half of it.

What's going on now, there's only drum and bass? This is crap. Oh, hang on, now it's rocking! Nope, crap again. This bit's boring, there should be a solo over these chords. That's better, a solo! But it would be better with some chords under it.

I'm hardcore.