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In one last breath you'll feel this damned old soul!

Burnt Offerings :headbang:

I saw tribute of the gods today at a local shop. Havnt heard any of the shit, so didnt know if it was worth getting? Anyone? It was a toss up between that, Syphony X's THE ODYSSEY, Spocks Beards SNOW, or the 2 latest Opeth albums.... I walked out of the shop empty handed....

Gotta love the stress of cd shopping :) Ended up buying some nice going out panties and a shirt
I quite like the covers cd, theres a couple of crap ones (Hallowed Be Thy Name is the worst :cry: ) but Highway To Hell, Number Of The Beast, Burning For You and Creatures Of The Night are all great :headbang:
I think its an awesome covers album, but I would still recommend 'The Odyssey' over it, as its one of the bets albums from last year IMO.

'Highway To Hell', 'Screaming For Vengeance' and 'Creatures Of The Night' are the best, and 'Burning For You' and 'Dead Babies' are great as well.

Spruce, get both. :D
Hmmmm. I like D&W with Hansi.... If matt was there it might sound a little too much like IE.

I hope the drum sound for the new IE album and D&W is a little better. The drum sound on Horrow show and D&W sucked!!

I like horror show, but the next IE stuff will be a lot better methinks. Jon's gone all patriotic.. I'm not sure if that'ts good thing!