Iron Maiden new album 5.1 surround sound


Apr 13, 2001
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From Kevin Shirley's diary:
Iron Maiden is coming along well, I think we're gonna mix the whole album in 5.1 surround sound as well as stereo, and it will be a little different to the CD mix, so it should be fantastic!

What does that mean? Oh, fer crying out loud, I know what 5.1 surround sound is. I mean what does it mean? A DVD Audio disk? Because I don't think CDs do 5.1 surround. How do you deliver 5.1 surround sound?
We can? You send us car DVD players for Christmas or something? :lol:

(and yes I know you're probably being facetious:p)
you can mix 5.1 surround on an audio cd.

The special edition of Star One has a song mixed in 5.1

Its Starchild I believe.

Maybe it will be offered as a double cd with one in stereo and one in 5.1