icq, anyone?

Mine is 24646888.

Message me if you can tolerate some level of stupid humour and if you can withstand long winded conversations about music... :)
Crap, I got rid of my icq because I never use it. If anyone is on Yahoo messenger my id is guitarkid_78. Feel free to add me as a friend. :)
By the way Lakestream, how do all these Swedish people know englsih so well? Opeth, In Flames, At The Gates, The Haunted, Arch Enemy, Therion, Sacrilege, Soilwork. I mean all those awsome bands are from Sweden and they all sing in English.
Well anyway, my ICQ# 66063602
Beating Our Official Sweden Correspondant Lakestream to the proverbial punch here, my understanding is that in Sweden children are taught english from a young age in public schools and that the majority of the populous speaks English to quite a decent degree of fluency.
This forum is insane! I mean, every time I come back and check it out, there have been so many posts, it takes a few minutes to back up to the one I posted last and see what's been going on. Yeehah!

Oh, my ICQ is 91315964. :)