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May 1, 2001
Uppsala, Sweden
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Me, and some other Opeth-fans, which I've met here on this board, are going to record a song together. One creates the
basic melody, then sends the recording over to the next person....who builds his (or her) own melody based
on the first one, and then sends it on to the next person. As you might understand, the song will be a pretty slow make some room for improvisation.

You don't need to be a long as you know the basics, and have some idea of what a chord is ;)

Stuff you need:
* A guitar that can be plugged in to your comp...either electric or
accoustic with built-in mic.
* Some prog on your comp that allows you to record sounds,
and lets you mix sounds files (so you can add your part).
ex. Sonic Foundy Vegas, etc.

If you feel like you want to be a part of this, contact me on icq:

(if you have some other instrument that you can record, and really want to be a part of this, then contact me anyway)

This is a good idea. I'll be apart of it. So do we just like add a riff everytime one of us gets ahold of the song? Do you mind if I do multitrack harmonies and shit ? Or do you wanna give us a riff and see what we add to it???

Druardim > I have a feeling that we'll make more than one song,
and the basic melody gets played by the "starter"...... so I
thought that we write a list with all our names..... the first guy
on the list comes up with a cool basic melody/riff, and then sends the melody to the second guy who adds his part, and then sends it on to the third guy, and so on.

Then, when everyone has added their part, the first guy gets it back, and masters it (hello, equalizer) etc. Then we upload it to some website and act cool or something :)

Next time we want to record a song, we move everyone down a step on the list, and move the last up to the first position.

How does that sound?

I'd love to be a part of this! I can give you the web space if you want, I have lots of it! :D
I can do a lot of the programming too, if you need that (I work for a multimedia graphics and web design company)

This is a very...
Cool idea =)
I've been away for a couple days , Is this already started or not , I got an intro wrote if you wanted to start tomorow or whatever . But I Think we should get at least 5-8 people doing it first , and then we have to de(i)cide on other things like tunning and things like that . Anyway , i'll talk to you on icq
This seems interesting and I'd like to be a part of this project, but I'm afraid I can't find the time for this, for now at least.

I've played guitar for eight years and I played drums back in school, so I know the basics, and could program drums on the song, but at the moment I have about ten songs to be 'battered' (I'm becoming our band's - Thales - drummer). But as it seems you'll be doing more than just one song, so I hope I can jump in somewhere between..?

And ofc I could do some guitar stuff..
Cool idea!!! I would want to be a part of it but unfortunately my amp and guitar are at my jam space and it's just too much of a hassle to drag them back and forth. I do however have a few recording programs (cakewalk 9, cubase, ect...) that I would be more than willing to send to people if they need it. My icq # is 66767014. Good luck with it!!!
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Well if someone gets it going I'll be happy to add some guitar tracks to it. What you need to keep in mind however is quality loss, as we'll need to push the file around in a compressed format, which loses more quality each time its encoded.
Some guy was advertising to a fan-made tribute album not too long ago. They've pretty much got themselves set up, with a guy organising it all. I signed up to do the vocals for Advent. Now if only I could remember their URL...