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Oct 3, 2001
I was reading some old threads and in one of them someone came up with the idea of writing a song that would be written by people on the bord. Somebody would start with writing a part and then send it to the next person until they had a bunch of parts. Then someone would mix it.

I think this is a great idea and would like to know if this was indeed done. If so then where can i get the song???
I just realized how stupid the name of the thread is, it would never be an opeth song but likely it would have some influences from opeth, duh :lol:
Indeed it is a great idea, but it would be quite hard to do. How would it be written? On paper? I actually have a program on which I can enter music and it plays it for me, (midi quality, but it's clear), that's a possibility, (it's free). Let me know if anyone is interested, and I'll give you a link to download the program. Also, the files are very very small, so when it changes hands, download time wouldn't be a problem.
Well, I think you just need patience for the uploading of files to each other. It can be done. I've got some drum creating programs I can use, with some professional samples, which I haven't used yet! They are pretty good, i must say. I think a few of us ought to give it a try again. I am willing to organize it if everyone wants to try, I can be like a moderator, or the main server.

If you are interested, i suggest emailing me at tillfjalls@hotmail.com

My plan is as such. We will decide a random order of people who must in sequence compose a riff. The first person composes theintro. The intro will be sent to the second person so that they can reference it. The next person develops the next riff (or a tranisition and a riff) based on the riff they hear. Each person will only get one riff at a time, so they will only have that riff to base their new idea on. (Ie, they won't know what other riffs are in the song, so won't be influenced by them). For each riff you can add all the harmonies you like.

The problem is the actual final mix. We could get everyone to record their own riffs (which may sound bad due to different guitar tones and recording equipment), or we could get one person to learn and record all of the riffs, using the same guitars and recording equipment. ALl of it would be recorded to properly timed drum tracks so that things don't get out of sync (I can do this, unless someone else wishes to!!).

I think this would be a great way to show our respect for Opeth, and for all of us to let loose some creativity. Let me know if you are interested. It can easily be done.
I'm the guilty one :cry:
both for coming up with this, and for not
making it work....

I was supposed to play the background melody,
and then send it on. The song became 4 minutes
long, and I did several retakes, but I never
managed to get it all right...I also had
pretty much stuff in school at that time
(last year in senior high, it was).

If anyone still is interested, then we could
re-attempt this :)

The whole idea is this:

The first guy plays the background melody for the
whole song, encodes it to mp3, and sends it to
the next dude. That guy uncompresses it to wav,
and records another layer of music. This will
probably be saved as a new file. This would
give us the possibility to do some mixing in the end.
When that guy is finished with his part,
he encodes it, and sends it back to the first guy.

The first guy now has two separate files. He
does a rough mixing of them, and sends that
file to the 3rd person on the list, who records
his part, and sends it back to the first guy.
He now has 3 files. He does a rough mixing
of those 3, and sends to the 4th, and so on.

We, of course, have to use metronome, so drums
can be added later on.

The only prob about this way of doing it is
the workload on the first guy, but if we do
one layer a week, it wouldn't be much at all :)

my icq number is: 6130925
We could always just post up tabs / notes. While there would be a slight problem in getting the timing of the riff right, it's much easier than sending MIDI's or whatever back and forth. It would also be much easier to keep track of the various parts of the song that way, they could just be added to the tab/notes. If timing etc. becomes too much of a problem, the sound files can be sent along with tab/notes. There's lots of tab generators programs on the internet afaik, so that shouldn't be a problem.

What do you think?
I would really like to take part in this!
:headbang: It will be very interesting to see how this will come out.
you may laugh and make fun of me but i´m gina ask this question any way, ok here is goes: What the hell is icq???
Hmmm actually we are doing a thing like that on the Nightwish discussion board ...:rolleyes: a week ago we started a On-Line band project...with people from the board...we write all songs and lyrics together...first someone makes a suggestion for a song it can be a melody-line a riff or really anything then....the others comment on the music and add theire own stuff..we share midi files with eachother thrue our mailinglist and we also have a ezboard where we discuss issues regarding the project you can look for yourself

well I am really intrested in trying out something like that with you too...Opeth is my favorite band and i would love to dedicate a song to them or something...I think we can make it work:)
Alrighty! I just recieved a very cool clean riff from Hoser (thanks!). So as it stands, we have one riff. I am assuming, from the sound of it, that this would be somewhere in the middle of the song. This might be hard to organize, but it can be done.
I don't know about all that recording and mixing stuff...I don't think I really have the equipment for that, and by the time we're done with the song, the quality would surely be very bad. It would also be a better idea to put the music down on in music notation, so that it canbe learned by reading and not just by ear. it's a more permanent method of saving it.
okay. I'm sitting jhere, with my trusty microfone, putting down some wicked beats. my parents aren't home, so I'm trying out my orchid.morningrise voice. Well, for the first time I can here my self growling and it doesn't sound too bad tho. still sounds pretty corny... I'm getting off the track here. Anyone here used Impulse Tracker Before? It would be a handy program for doing this. Maybe.
I'd love to take part in this, but I don't have an electric guitar to record...

Is it possible to send a MIDI file to figure out the timing, and a tab, so that the person doing the recording can do it on his/her own ?

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